Pomodoro Bolzano on 16 Jan 2001 02:18:58 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] artīs birthday 1.000.038

Dear artists, dear art lovers, celebrate artīs birthday!
38 years after the declaration of artīs 1 000 000th birthday by
the french artist Robert Filliou, PB has the pleasure to launch
the beta version of a virtual panel for art: www.artbirthday.com .
This open project is supposed to be a display
for a living network of art and for projects dedicated to artīs birthday.
to pay respect to art work in progress we would like to connect
with creative netpoints as active parts of a virtual world map of art.
Join the panel with your activities. Propose your netpoint or
other links which you are still missing on the map.
Feel very welcome to spread the spirit of artbirthday.com and
forward this invitation to your network or mailing list.
with best wishes for 2001
Christian Wittkowsky + Max D. Well 
Pomodoro Bolzano
( media  art  work )