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From: Patrick Tufts <zippy@cs.brandeis.edu>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 17:56:50 -0500
Subject: crank calls, 2001

Liveperson is a supposedly soon-to-be-dead company.

LivePerson supplies on-line chat help for users.  That's their

The fine folks on FuckedCompany (www.fuckedcompany.com) discovered this and ..


Chris: Hello Chris, how may I help you today? 
-Joe: I have heard rumours that many people from this site are being
layed off. Are you next? 
Chris: no 
-Joe: How much $$ do you get payed per hour? 
Chris: I will answer questions concerning the LP product only 
-Joe: Well how long until The LP product runs outta money and dies? 

- disconnect -

Or how about:

Chris: Hello Gonbudda, how may I help you today? 
Gonbudda: What color chair are you sitting in? 
Gonbudda: or are you sitting on the floor cause LP cant afford chairs
- disconnect -


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