Ben Moretti on 16 Jan 2001 03:36:53 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Fw: <nettime> Interview with Kathy Cleland, Australian New Media Arts Curator

In response to Geert's recent interview text ...

> e-commerce are very rigid. It seems as if the arts is pretty much locked
> into its own funding ghetto. It is unable to communicate with the

... I replied ...

> This is so true Geert. I think a lot of it comes from the
> issues -- namely that younger artists who are highly technoliterate are
> unable to penetrate the elite arts groups as these are dominated by people
> who are locked into an established funding relationship with Government.
> These groups need to open up and become more engaging ("Open Source"??)
> their communities. In many ways I think their's is a fear response to the
> economics of funding scarcity, and they react by "closing in"

... and Geert responded ...

> hi ben, maybe you could post that remark to nettime. I think it is an
> interesting and worrisome development. people here say to me:
> australia is a competitive environment. I am always puzzled by
> that. what they actually mean is that resources are few. Instead
> of saying that there is not enough money people internalize this
> very fact and turn it into their own problem, and attitude.

True. This very same attitude can be seen in government departments,
universities and public institutions as well. However, after a decade and a
half of downsizing and outsourcing, who can blame the poor bastards?



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