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[Nettime-bold] between image and sound - call for entries

german version below. sorry for any cross-postings.

Call for Entries -------------------------- 5th Festival "garage" 2001
------------ from 27th July till 26th August 2001 in Stralsund/Germany
---------------------------------------------- between image and sound

What happens between sound and image?

"The eye is the master, the ear a slave" (Jakob Grimm) - the 
dominance of the visual over the acoustic perception is omnipresent 
in cultural history. Naturally, they also condition and influence 
each another. The function of the whole perceptional instrument is 
sensually and physically only possible when both interact. What 
happens for instance, if one withdraws the acoustic or visual 
component from a  spacial perception. How does the space change? Or 
what happens, if both traces of perception are desynchronized?

The relation between sound and image is transient; sight and hearing 
are part of associated joints which can take on new forms again and 
again - in respect of space, time and content.

garage 01 wants to approach this relation from different angles. The 
attempt is to present and percieve the (mono)media individually, as 
far as possible and useful. The discussion can be held on a formal or 
theoretical basis, in substance or within exhibition and performance.
Additionally, the discussion will search for new possibilities of the 
sythesis resp. the juxtaposition of sound and image.
The medium as an instrument - the space as a realm for experiments.

To try the relevance and efficiency of art beyond its aesthetical 
self-sake, the question of the role of the transmitter and receiver 
of the "data work" is an essential part of the programme.

The fesitval will present 4 weeks of exhibitions, concerts, 
discussions, film screenings, workshops, which can be summarized 
under three main topics.

Wanted are works or proposals for projects:

[1] image with sound - or the picture on the wall
3rd international shortfilm festival "g-niale" from 2nd to 5th August 
2001. The topic of the "g-niale" is related to the main festival as a 
conscious discussion of perception of individual media and its 
interaction with film and beyond. Thereby illustrating seeing and 
hearing in a wider sense - by emphasizing or consistent dropping of 
one of the two elements.
(more information and entry forms under:*.pdf)

[2] image without sound - or the sound in the background
two- or three-dimensional art in the public space

[3] sound without image - or the image in the mind
The main emphasis will lie on the discussion of  new concepts of 
sound production/manipulation and their 
presentation/mediation/distribution. An excursion into the world of 
tunes and sounds is going to present concerts, (live) radio plays, 
sound installations, radio art and net audio projects.

[4] sound and image -  or the image within space