Dimitri Devyatkin on 16 Jan 2001 19:09:56 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Inauguartion of George W. Bush on January 20

To access alternative coverage of the inauguration of George W. Bush,
starting on Saturday morning, January 20, go to www.dc.indymedia.org. 

Alternative coverage, both audio and video, will be provided for the entire
ceremony, from the preparations, the parade, the swearing-in and the
speeches. Experts will give information about the politicians captured on
screen, including their main financial contributors, their voting records,
and the policy changes they are likely to bring about.

Television networks worldwide will be using a pool feed. You can turn down
the sound of your local TV commentators and instead listen to the audio
coming from DC.Indymedia.org. Webmasters can provide a direct link via any
other web site to the www.dc.indymedia.org website.

Dimitri Devyatkin

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