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!ez plz.


thanks for your mail and the pleasure the installation gave you. 
you have my promise i will tell          about it. actually i am glad about your mail. 
i was too busy to mess around with the internet connection at my new home and at work 
i do not like to write mails. so i did not get in touch. 

so thanks for the poem. your performance impressed me a lot as you know and triggered more
 emotions and thoughts then i could remember. so i look forward to go through the poem and 
writings more thoroughly. speaking honestly, i was most impressed of the way you yourself 
were dealing with social masks and the personal freedom that shines through this grown ability. 

it made me look at the roles i play more consciously. (and gave a nice example of the practical 
aspect of the issues you were talking about.)

meeting you and your friend was definetely one of the festival┤s highlights. that┤s why i like to 
go to such places: getting input of the right kind.

                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!ěn.     


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