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[Nettime-bold] Webcast 129 + inkwell.vue + vinyl DAVE

STATION ROSE STReaming-Fahrplan & more:

 dear Gunafa Netizen,

A) NetSTReam - Webcast 129 today,WED/17.1.01, 9pm CET
B) STR in inkwell.vue conference (12.-26.1.2001)
C) vinyl DAVE re-released on Gigolo

A) NetSTReam - Webcast 129 tonight, WED/17.1.01, 9pm CET
live @home  <>
topic: " or" - new MIDI-composition.
content: first STReaming in the new year from e-home
extra: the first session after the performance in san francisco in
december. thank you to all who showed up, it was great to play for you!
some of our impressions in the U.S. doing field research, were morphed into
the new audio-visual composition. As a statement without words to the heavy
" = almost artist-free situation" there. Is san francisco a first
reaction to turbocapitalist globalization, where only commerce counts? The
city is cleared now from any psychedelic backgrounds, a fact the
european/german net critic scene could be happy about. But one has to see
here that it is cleared from art at the same time, too, which is very
The electronic art space in downtown, South of Market, where we performed
live, was closed down shortly after our gig. ("joypad/Blasthaus will be
closing until further notice. For those of you who did not know, there are
6 buildings on Mission/Minna Street which have been in escrow for 2 years.
The proposed
developer wishes to demolish these 6 brick  buildings and has proposed
building an 80,000,000$ office tower." Blasthaus statement).
Soundz a bit like the situation in Frankfurt to me, where so little space
is available for artistic projects, because rents are only affordable to
banks and companies. Two extreme cities - Frankfurt and San Francisco, who
stand in opposition to places like Berlin or Vienna, where art has less
space problems, and is tolerated as sort of entertainment. - (Elisa Rose

B) STR interviewed in inkwell.vue conference (12.-26.1.2001)

"Inkwell.vue is the first of a new type of WELL conference, readable by
anyone on the World Wide Web, with or without a WELL password, but posted
to by WELL members only. If you are reading this on the Web and are not a
WELL member, you'll be getting a peek at what WELL conferencing is all
about.  We hope  you like what you see!  We, your charming hosts, will be
interviewing authors and asking probing questions about real, complicated
ideas, moral issues, but also "How Was Your Book Tour?" You, dear reader,
will have avenues to join the discussion and/or communicate with the hosts
by sending email to Interviewing Station Rose is
David Hudson, a freelance writer living in Berlin, author of Rewired: a
brief and opinionated net history, and contributor to Artbyte, Berliner
Zeitung, de:Bug, Feed, Mute, Salon, Spiegel Online, Wired News and a slew
of other publications. David will be mining the historical perspective
Elisa and Gary have to offer after nearly 13 years of artistic
collaboration and brainstorming with them about the rapidly evolving future
of the  multimedia experience."
  -- Your hosts and longtime WELL veterans David Gans, Linda Castellani.
and Jon Lebkowsky.

What more can we say to this: come over, join us! THE DISCUSSION IS already
active. Make a voyage to our "hometown", The WELL. Your appearance will be
appreciated. Dont hesitate to cross the ocean, and come into this
conference with online tradition. Even if it is not european or german,
nobody is going to bite you. ;-) Netart, Webcasting, electronic music, LAH
and the new book "private://public" are some of the themes. Get a feeling
of LAH/Life after History with <well engaged>, the  matrix eminds and the
Frankfurt conference was built on. It is great to see how valuable
programming stays with us through time. This hypermedia surface of well
engaged allows you to post comments as well as links and grafix.
Mail your contributions to

C) vinyl DAVE re-released on Gigolo

Techno cult piece by Station Roseīs composer Gary Danner re-released on DJ
Hellīs label International DeeJay Gigolos. Played in every club and on the
early Love Parades, the original "DAVE" from 1992 is out again, with
remixes by HAL9000 and Dopplereffekt. A good choice for your electronic
music collection.
With the german voice of HAL9000 of Kubrickīs "2001 Space Odyssey" on the
original, the remixes come up with the english voice now.
Originally scheduled to be released end of 2000, with a few little
production delays this vinyl landed in the right year:  2001.

The  book "private://public" is NOW in the shops in Europe. is a
place to order it. The U.S. distribution is on the way.

As a manifeSTATION of webcasting and  netart, it gives you first hand
information, produced by artists.
This publication, in german and english, features webcast-conversations with
Geert Lovink, Petra Klaus & Hans Romanov, Bazon Brock, Birgit Richard,
Stefan Weber, Thomas Feuerstein and Josephine Bosma.  (ISBN 3-85266-114-5;
296 pages, edition selene, Vienna 2000. Details are on the website.)

stay with us &
a happy new year !

                                                "Cyberspace  is  Our Land!"

             station rose   1-2001

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