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[Nettime-bold] YES PL EASE!!!!!!

>4 new nato.0+55 external objects are now available at:
>        242.solette
>        242.flicker
>        242. thresh
>        242.norez
>These objects are free, but you must ask for permission if you intend
>to use include them as part of any commercial release.
>Please let me know if you have any problems with or suggestions about them.
>Kurt Ralske

thank you. email me +?

mm. letz z - since we did not exactly make this publik 

mem.modul aksez

as per n2+o sdk if one wishes to have objekts or patches or demos of
inkluded in the distribution of nato.0+55 - gratis or otherwise
may kontakt - please inklude pertinent
[e.g. url. description. data. demo. etc]

shall kompensate everyone releasing data publicly etc - determining
most elegant protokol for presently. it isn't applicable to
just objekts but also patches - e.g. hiaz + 01 lovely life form in portugal
have transmitted lovely examples + media [e.g. + michael.theodore + addtl +?]
have transmitted lovely data + were kompensated akkordingly - we like that.

01 gift ekonomie aber decided via sekxual selektie -


pzb. 0+0 kompensation 4 reviews - unless literary. most def 0+0 kompensation
for false + inaccurate reviews - those beget 01 protracted smak+++ [sorry dear. we arent done with you yet. nn kan 
be ku!te lllllllllllluvvvvvvvvl!]

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