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[Nettime-bold] R: <nettime> more than tired about nettime.

Dear Fran Ilich & Sherman & nettimers
Strange Days!
The message Fran Ilich was quoting it is not from Sherman but from me to
 >> Dear Tom Sherman
>> you are rightly tired of information.
>> I do agree with you.
>> That fits in the web-design discussion.
>> let's change the mailing list in a web/multi/video/media/conferencing.
yes, thatt was my message and i think that is the way we should go.

And strangely enough i find in the Syndicate List  i am subscribed as well a
message by:
>it would be great to "change the mailing list in a

yes, and in this way the division between those who "have"
and people who 'don't have'(good boxes, good lines...you know may be better
than me)  would gets bigger - but this might be the right way to make things
clear(better) - kind of answer of the one traditional question 'who's who'

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-----Messaggio originale-----
Da: fran ilich <ilich_030@hotmail.com>
A: nettime-l@nettime.org <nettime-l@nettime.org>
Data: giovedý 18 gennaio 2001 22.53
Oggetto: <nettime> more than tired about nettime.

>hi geert, pit, tom, nettimers,
>> Dear Tom Sherman
>> you are rightly tired of information.
>> I do agree with you.
>> That fits in the web-design discussion.
>> let's change the mailing list in a web/multi/video/media/conferencing.
>for sure and let the hard drives at the end of the world crash
>altough its a great idea, but this for sure would change radically the
>format of the nettime-list. after this maybe we would have to move to a
>forum or to a layout more like slashdot or indymedia. but this would
>definitely be taking many steps towards revitalizing this hypertextual
>or we could always keep nettime as a maliling list, but im sure you
>wouldnt be happy to receive a post with my hard disk attached. the other
>option would be hyperlinks... and then theres the idea of cyberfiesta
>chats and pavu-style online meetings...
>but for sure, it would be great to "change the mailing list in a
>any ideas?
>well, its the basic problem we have at sputnik now, the standard is
>text/html but we need to become multimedia/broadband because we are
>documenting the digital culture panorama, etc and there is no budget to
>pay for it, but here at nettime is somehow easier because this is a
>virtual community (i do hope howard rheingold agrees with this) and
>altough to change it would be certainly difficult and we would have to
>deal with a lot of problems not only in programming the interface but
>making old users getting used to the new experience...
> somebody has to think of the layout, structure and of course actually do
>the dirty job... the french people at pavu used to organize this chats, i
>was in a few last year, and they had a different kind of interaction from
>the one involved on the nettime international list... you know i dont
>really like bold (basically because of volume and the poor quality of
>posts) , altough of course this list has to exist because it appeals to a
>large uadience, but think of the possibiltys (and i know you do) about a
>new platform (maybe multi-platform) an archive with links, filew, video
>and the option to get it on mailing list (because me just like you, like
>better mailing lists than boards)... maybe something like a platform which
>involves an archive, plus the list, plus the community, plus the actual
>neighborhood of lists and communitys...
>if you go to the mailing list you get just text plus links to the files,
>etc... if you go to the board you get anything.... of course this is
>moderated maybe some kind of meta-website (with links to net.art, real
>audio, webcasts, databases, etc)...
>or maybe im also getting the info junkie syndrome like tom sherman or pit
>pit schultz says:
>> nettime was for me always an anachronistic
>> element within the new media. i miss the long
>> heavy textes very much.  significant
>> crosspoints or just luxurious data-diwans.
>apart from the obvious symptoms which one can experience with
>info-addiction, nettime this days has a certain characteristic which makes
>it somehow apart from new media reality because of its plain text quality,
>which certainly helps the new media critic, but at the same time it
>alienates itself from the new media experience, unlike for exaple to a
>certant extent rhizome which does integrate a web interface/counterpart,
>which even if its not an extension of the mailing list, it does extend the
>context and
>pit schultz says that " what people might seek for is the right info diet
>or on the other hand the real dope, best in the mix".
>this is really crucial i would say, just think of the possibilitys nettime
>is letting go by, just by not incorporating many other elements, it needs
>a little more warmness (so instead of adding a chat, lets add a
>cyberfiesta board, etc, where people can put trivial comments or share an
>mp3 link or an actual file.... everybody needs to get social from time to
>time, and the bold list even for someone like me its a little too much...
>but it would be great for people among the regional lists and the
>international to actually socialize)... then we could have something like
>the community but with more links.... maybe actually show the code of
>nettime and do profiles on some of its members (a paragraph on heath
>bunting with its picture, and then a piece on this unknown guy from
>cairo)... and even some kind of news service with links to the news
>and all this apart from making stronger and more durable the ties beetween
>all this community of lists, would also help a lot, to a big volume of
>subscribers who have to deal with the delete key and multiple posts of the
>same email to the whole lot of lists. for sure this would help such a
>diversity in lists become more senseful, meaningful, and specialized.
>nos vemos en el futuro.
>editor @ large, sputnik.
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