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It's Time To Make A Choice About Your Future

There are many companies unable to fill their immediate need for trained internet professionals for all levels of employment. Information Technology jobs are some of the highest paid people in today's workforce. Higher speed internet connections make it possible for trained professionals to work from the comfort of their own homes.

We are all looking for a better income and more personal freedom and these are features 
that a "Web Based" internet business career can deliver!

What makes training with our institution the answer?

  •  To begin with, a 1600 student track record and growing daily.
  • Hundreds of successful graduates earning in Internet activities now.
  • $100's of Dollars of FREE Trial Software
  • Career assistance and placement help just for the asking.
  • Conditional Money Back Guarantee!
  • Affordable and/or Subsidized Tuition (earn while you learn)
  • An enjoyable interactive, self-paced, self-taught, at-home system!
  • Teaches you how to effectively create high paying web sites quickly
  • Our University instructors become "Personal Trainers".

Our Dynamic Quickstart Program

Our dynamic "Quick Start" trademarked program can teach you how to build professional results-oriented commercial web sites in hours instead of days!

Students receive a package including fully functional, all-inclusive software for use in the class, along with essential trialware and freeware added to enhance your educational experience. This free software is provided to the students which allows you to learn without investing large amounts of cash.

Our University delivers all the most popular courses YOU need to succeed in the Web design business.  Select from Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe Photoshop, HTML., Internet Marketing, Macromedia Flash, and Dreamweaver.  Color, action and interactivity are the hallmarks of our classes, enabling you to learn more, learn faster and get into the Web career world ahead of your competition!  We prepare you for SUCCESS!


Mark M says:
"When I enrolled at the University I had little skills in the web process. Now six months later I've built a valuable portfolio that I can market to potential clients or employees." 

Farnaaz T. says:
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your help. Thank you for being my support and my strength. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have made it all the way."

Jen A
"The staff at the University has been great and the School has really opened  doors for me!"


Think it through...
If you develop your own clientele and you net $50 a month from your hosting fees, 20 clients would bring you an additional $1000 a month in hosting fees alone! Now you see why, as a Commercial Web Design Specialist THERE ARE NO LIMITS! 

Our staff of Student Counselors and Advisors will help to properly structure your proposed curriculum, and answer any questions you may have when your call is returned. (So we may continue to maintain our highest level of service, class size will be limited each session, to better serve motivated prospective students.)

To speak with the Admissions Office about your needs and whether you are the student we are looking for, please phone the following number and leave the outlined responses shown below.

Call Now For More Information
(303) 215-3063

When you call we will need:
  • Your Full Name
  • Your Phone Number For The Interview
  • Best Weekday To Contact You
  • Your E-Mail Address

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