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[Nettime-bold] Re: [webartery] nettwonk_ _ --23:[de.form N ][de][function]

At 11:56 PM 21/01/01, ted warnell wrote:
>                                                  t
>  hehheh, Mez... you know I have no argument with this,

netw][on][urk][!][ 2.0000000000000000000000.3 straights & an auteurs stream ov covert n overt term][inologie][s
+reactivate the path. critical hitting with a brick bat. a
scoping range.

[i c a cord.
=cord terminal. a red velvet cord terminus. my voice is tired.]


>                but for the sake of it, you know it could be argued your
>              view is perhaps a bit, uh, narrow. It seems to devalue
>        even your own fine Web work, like Sky Scratchez,
>           which I love. Is that really your intention here, or
>     is there another issue at bay? Please elaborate, 
>                                              and thanks.
>                                                  t
>                                                  t22.5

[.re:ject the obvious.]










[.c-ment the nexus plane.]
[.ig.nore autho][g][ri][t][ty.]
[conclude N con.clusion, please.]

>>This is an age where the art genre is being
>>developed by major artistic institutions and the strength of its
>>essential and defining characteristics are evident. Day after day I
>>find myself staring at highly delicate work, deliciously designed 
>>in order to encapsulate intricate networked elements originally
>>employed to reflect x.pressive/conceptual goals. These
>>elements are then melded into various x.hibits online, or used to pay
homage 2
>>other artists that have constructed the very fabric of this online
>>arts community.  As a fair percentage of current net art seems delightfully
>>touched with an inbuilt "Acceptable Exhibition Format" stamp, I find myself
>>taken more and more with the now largely standard re/deconstructed
>>][d][html/java/plugged-in work presented via the internet, and more focused
>>on work that uses the web as a medium for presentation and dispersal*.

--. hypo.krit quotient high.--

[stitch my person][& dua][lity code          

                                         .here.                          23
times 23 x  ??}

.           .    ....         .....
         n.sert no here xXXx             
.... .                  .???  .......

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