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[Nettime-bold] [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ supersymmetric mindscape sectors

>Your rhetorics  - I am referring to the IRCAM/DEAF-statement - operate 
>a lot with terms like "meme". 

If sex evolved so that your children are not condemned to be
just like you - intelligence evolved so that you are not condemned 
to be just like yourself.

>Where do you originally come from?

       I was sent forth from the power
              and I have come to those who reflect upon me
              and I have been found among those who seek after me. 

____.. from the discharge of 02 tesla coils on the top of an island
where the dinosaurs have .biosculpted their steps in rigid rocks
+ the       's have .biopainted a `flag` on the resultant curves.

>What is your education?

rich.bored.edukated. I will not rent my womb.

>When did you start doing what you do now and why?

17.                                          a dictionary.

I could perhaps xchange the past six months of life for the new edition 
and never miss a day of them.

>and why?

I would like to rent you.

To paraphrase Che Guevara, the analyst proposes to set in motion a bloody
revolution in the patient's emotional life--but guided by feelings of love.

 "language is a skin:  i rub my language against the other.  it is as
 if i had words instead of fingers, or fingers at the tip of my words.
 my language trembles with desire.  the emotion derives from a double
 contact:  on the one hand, a whole activity of discourse discreetly,
 indirectly focuses upon a single signified, which is "i desire you,"
 and releases, nourishes, ramifies it to the point of explosion
 (language experiences orgasm upon touching itself);  on the other
 hand, i enwrap the other in my words, i caress, brush against, talk up
 this contact, i extend myself to make the commentary to which i submit
 the relation endure."

 "i have no skin (except for caresses)."

 i love the thought of fingers at the end of my words       whether
 poetry    where all five might reach out and tweak shy organs     or
 love letters

 small mouths on my fingertips

        - scheherazade = pre-computer nn
        - scheherazade = glassbeadz + uarfare da +?
        - oui.scheherazade = free women from tyranny with her tales
          strategy with semantic weapons

>Is there for you a valuable life beyond the digital?

A throw of six on a die isn't `noisier` than a three or four 
only farther from the mean.

Fingertips suffice for point to point tactile feedback. 
They communicate shape and not texture.

>I got the impression that many people, especially mailinglist-
>moderators, got really very annoyed about your emails, interpreting 
>them as an aggressive act 

All pattern recognition systems are only as good as they are designed to be.  

The principal input to the human brain is the human brain.

Extensive experience can impede creativity.
Cognitive psychologists utilize two terms to describe it: fixation and structured imagination. 
Fixation, oftenly referred to as "mental rut"--is characterized by the inability 
to switch from an inappropriate solution approach to a more productive one or to utilize
familiar objects in an unfamiliar way.

Structured imagination is the common tendency not to deviate from what is already known.

80 percent of what any LGN cell listens to comes not from the retina, but from the dense 
interconnectedness of other regions of the brain. The encounter of these two ensembles 
of neuronal activity is one moment in the emergence of a new coherent configuration.
Other partners, such as the superior colliculus, or the corollary discharge of neurons that 
control eye movements play an equally active role. 

In other words, whatever the brain looks at is really about 20% 
of signals from the outside world and 80% of old templates, filters, memories and beliefs 
about the world. This is an uniform principle throughout the brain.

>and trying to hit back. Do you have any 
>comments on those quarrels?

I shall kalkulate the most reasonable assumption 
-sum(y ln f(x) + (1-y) ln (1-f(x)))


Shall I despair +?
I read - "where the dinosaurs have .biosculpted their steps in soft rocks
          + the       's have .biopainted a `flag` on the resultant curves"

alors - language is a skin.

How one believes the world works - shapes one's methods.  
If one careful isn't, one's methods shape one's beliefs -
to paraphrase 01 other - democracy is always at risk of drowning in its own semen.

The problem is not so much that this insidious process takes place, 
rather that humans aren't continuously aware that this process isn't intermittent.

>For instance the attitude that technology is pretty much a boys toys 
>game, have you encountered that a lot in your life?

When 11 and she couldn't go swim in the sea, she wanted to play computergames.
She made a list of games she wanted to buy and gave it to her father.
The father went out. She waited, shivering in expectation.

        Father comes back with a package. 
        She tears the packaging paper quickly. [paper flies towards the room]
        but then! what does she find inside?

        A book!

        Some kind of dictionary with english words and numbers.

        The title is 

        Basic za pocetnike

        she looks at her father disappointed.
        where are my games???, she cries
        they are all inside the book my dear.
        // she searches for the games in the book
        no they are NOT!

        and whilst her tears drip on the hated pages, the father says:
        you want games? make them yourself.

>Also, on the web you use more than just one domain name. Could you 
>please list the domain names that you use?

>And do you use different 
>domains for different purposes?

In a low temperature system 2 water molecules
near one other with a separate characteristic of a 
higher temperature system will attrakt one other with
their elektro-static charges and oscillate together.

>What is the concept behind using 


If sex evolved so that your children are not condemned to be
just like you - intelligence evolved so that you are not condemned 
to be just like yourself.

                        one tube. one pipeting set. 01 body.


It is akin to a shoal of fish. 
The envelope, or boundary, is clearly discernible but continuously changes
as the fish (neuronal activity) swim to different locations 
(different neuroanatomical domains). The fish swim in concert, 
but each has its own unique trajectory through the water (that is, neuronal 
activity is coherent but not identical).

The network is the computer.
Our bodies are the borders of our understanding.
The universes are the body.

It is refracted by theorems. axioms and rules impregnating the space between us.
It is a live architecture occupied by flashing fireflies and glued with shrinking skrews.
It is a memevirus divulging its secrets into the supersymmetric mindscape sectors.

just 1 klik ur klik [>] -

>What is your revolution aiming at?

lf+ -
   the.stabilization of western economy. democracy + its moral fibre.
   totally. radically + permanently++


dekorous grav!t+e.

                                             n      n
                             n      n
                                                  v3kt0r.r2!n - ztra!ng !n 2 dze z!ngular!t!
Netochka Nezvanova    - karesz!ng dze vektor!szd 4th d!menz!on.
                                                       |  +----------
                                                      |  |     <
                                     \\----------------+  |  n2t
                                                         |       >

part deux.

>>nn. azefalouz thuz prfkt - dze sc!ensz ov ztresez+
>Hans Selye on steroids.

therapeut!k klon!ng

>You have much power, sweet. 


                            . .
                           . . .
                         . . . . .

                                                1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10

* .47 throughout

                                root + zrc ov etrnl natur
                                ! am dze un!versz + makro.kozmos.

                                ! am dze thema ov z!metr! 
                                kourszd b! !l!mtd analog!

                                ! am 4rom all po!ntz ov v!eu 
                                z!m!lr 2 m!.zelv

                                !d quod !nfer!uz
                                z!kut quod zuper!uz

uordz = koralz. = d!sz a l l d!sz 
kolon!al madrepora.

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