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[Nettime-bold] kodwo eshun


Sorry to bother you but I want to invite Kodwo Eshun for an event in Lisbon 
Portugal and wonder if you could give me his direct email contact?
I understand he his too busy! Since Virtual Futures in Warwick that I am 
trying to catch up with him and never seem to be able to meet him. I  have 
been following his work and last time I  missed him was in NEXT SEX Ars 
Electronica 2000.
Please tell him mine  <>, and if he does not want to give the 
direct contact, tell him that I  would love to have a direction were to 
send more info - an email will be faster. Its not an institution, nor an 
amateur event. I THINK  he would like to come around, and surely i and 
lisbon will be very happy to have him here!

THANK YOU so much for your time and attention!

All the best


PS if ever you are around here - lisbon - let me know ! I could probably be 
some help to you too!

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