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[Nettime-bold] [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ myelinization kontra simply superior synaptic pirouettes

>are you asnwering the questions publicly now? it 
>makes it a bit difficult for me this way, to find and join together [_ marker]
>different emails that might relate to the questions. if possible 
>please compile a reply in one message  to this adress, bitte bitte

ja.ja. evidament. this permits multiple readings. 
allows for the shadows to set.

on subsequent readings = perceive the shadows. they add depth
and increase solubility. it is 01 reason for our stereo vision.
the errors increase the feasibility of error.correction.
error.correction increases the propensity for errors.

even muscular movements before birth play a role in brain development.
it is desirable to sabotage the brain's attempts at myelinization
via simply superior synaptic pirouettes.

humans = typically concerned avec the `visible` fat deposits.
it is perplexing that they should ignore the other fatty sheaths
particularly those in the brain.

apropos - the human body = contains an approx equal nr of fat cells
as brain cells = ~10 billion. = interessant for the brain = the 
01 organ which incurs the highest mutation rates. hence it is 
an ultra reliable fitness indicator. this again suggests that 
the 10 billion fat cells have been made available to all humans
via sexual selection. = handicaps are just lovely __... + expensive. 

now listen - [we really must sanitize. lets help them]

obesity is now so common within the human world population 
that it is replacing undernutrition and infectious diseases 
as the most significant contributor to ill health. 

obesity is defined by a body-mass index of 30 kg m 2 or greater 
but this does not take into account the morbidity 
and mortality associated with more modest degrees of overweight
nor the detrimental effect of intra-abdominal fat. 

in the united states 70 percent of adults are overweight.  [phatland]

the global epidemic of obesity results from a combination 
of genetic susceptibility. increased availability of high-energy foods 
and decreased requirement for physical activity in modern society. 

increasing body weight is associated with an increase in both lean and 
fat mass and in surface area. this and the associated increase in total 
blood volume is in turn accompanied by an increase in stroke volume and 
cardiac output. the increase in circulatory preload and afterload lead to 
left ventricular dilatation and eccentric hypertrophy. an increase in systemic 
vascular resistance seen in some obese individuals results in a sustained rise 
in blood pressure and concentric lv hypertrophy. in time the atria and ventricles 
begin to fail with the development of heart failure. 

your nostrils arent just passive air intakes. the turbinate cavities behind them 
must warm and humidify the air before it reaches your lungs. this consumes 20 watts 
of heat. nostrils tend to open alternatively, a few hours at a time, so that one 
can rest while the other is sleeping.
listen - each brain hemisphere outputs approx 10 watts of heat.
and thus the active nostril will cool that hemisphere profoundly.
the brain is very sensitive to temperatur. it grows feverish in the 
warm and sleepy in the cold. tzo = the brain hemisphere above the active
nostril grows sleepy and this affects our mood accordingly.

ciao.nn. [joined] breathing.inwards.

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