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R    E    A    L    T    O    K    Y    O
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[This Week's Index]

(1) Tokyo, 4 Weeks: Noda Map Special Stage: 2001 Man Play
       recommended by Hibino Katsuhiko
(2) Must-see Events Around the World: by Fukuda Miki
(3) Out of Tokyo 007: The Splendid Accomplishment of
       'Eureka' and 'L'empire des sens 2000' by Ozaki Tetsuya
(4) Present of the Week:
       Invitation to 'Asia in Comics' Exhibition and many others!

(1) Tokyo, 4 Weeks
Noda Map Special Stage: 2001 Man Play
    recommended by Hibino Katsuhiko

Noda Map's extra performance is always held in a small theatre
with a small cast. For instance, 'Shi' was performed by Noda and
Hashizume Isao. This time it will be the ultimate in minimalism:
a one-man play. While I am writing this, he is in the middle of
rehearsals as the playwright, director, and actor of many roles.
The details will be revealed at the theatre, but I can tell you
that the play is about image and real image....


(2) Must-see Events Around the World
by Fukuda Miki

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum is holding a digital art exhibition
called 'Art +01 - A Digital Exploration' until February 28.  The
works of ten artists will be exhibited, including a multimedia
installation by David Lui and the digital images of Ku Chiu-ping.
In this exhibition you won't find food or movies, but a new facet
of Hong Kong....


(3) Out of Tokyo 007
The Splendid Accomplishment of 'Eureka' and 'L'empire des sens 2000'
by Ozaki Tetsuya

The Japanese movie industry is a little more considerate of foreign
filmgoers than its European and American counterparts.  The good
fortune of those from other countries is limited, however, to films
made in their own languages.  This is because most foreign films
are not dubbed into Japanese, but shown in the original language
with Japanese subtitles.  There are few cases where Japanese films
are shown with foreign-language subtitles.  It's a shame that non-
Japanese speaking film fans in Japan cannot have access to Japanese
films in this age of 'internationalization'....


(4) Present of the Week
To pray for many hits we've prepared lots of presents!  Send in
your name!  Be aware that each present has a different closing date.
Instead of announcing the winners we just send them their prize.

(* is new!)

* Invitation to the preview of 'BEST in SHOW'
* Invitation to 'OVER THE RAINBOW' by Condors
* Special goods of 'Ed and Ellis in Tokyo'
* Invitation to 'Asia in Comics' Exhibition
Invitation to 'MacWorld2001'
Invitation to 'Ao' by Pappa TARAHUMARA
Tower Records' CD case & sticker
'UNCHAIN' catalogue and sticker
'Deep Seijun' catalogue
'Sweet and Lowdown' catalogue
REALTOKYO stickers (ten per set)

To apply and for further information, please contact:

Please send your ideas and opinions to info@realtokyo.co.jp.
Three users who send us mail will be chosen to receive a little gift

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Please contact the following email address for dimensions and costs.
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