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[Nettime-bold] subREAL - Interviewing Helsinki

subREAL's most recent project, "INTERVIEWING THE CITIES - Helsinki", opened
on January 31 and is on view at the gallery of the International Center for
Contemporary Arts (ICCA) Bucuresti.
A rich selection of the project is printed in the the latest issue of the
cutting edge Romanian art magazine "Balkon". Officially lauched on the same
occasion, "Balkon" no. 5 focuses on Finnish state of the art cultural
affairs, and is published with support form the foundations SINDAN (Cluj-
Bucuresti) and FRAME (Helsinki). (English version  is included)

For co-ordinates of gallery, program, opening times and other info -

For Balkon-related issues -


- subREAL -

A sequel to the projects "The Art History Archive" and "Serving Art",
"Interviewing The Cities" aims at documenting private histories in relation
with institutions (political, cultural) and sites (architectural, natural).
The project is structured in three steps; main medium - b & w photography;
main strategy - interaction with people and environments. The outcome is a
subjective record to certain ways of building private and collective
memory, of defining human identities and the way they relate to
institutional representations of power politics.
The fulfillment of the project depends on the support of local art
communities and institutions.

1. "Re-enacting....". A series of double portraits of "visual communities"
(artists, curators, critics, collectors, architects, etc.). Using the
semiotic filter of technical photography, "Re-enacting...." recycles the
knowledge from the "Serving Art" series as a procedure for documenting the
role of the human factor within the art mechanisms.
2. "Framing..." An exploration of urbanism, as manifest in the historical
development of representational buildings, cityscapes, parks etc. And a
visual research on the relation between nature and city through landscape
design. Inspired by the clichés of institutional tourism, the series is
illustrating the connections between architecture/natural habitat and Power
3. "Listening to Sculpture" A thread based on the ambiguous function public
monuments fill in the process of building mentalities. Generating
referential energies ignored by the city dwellers at the level of
consciousness, monuments are pivotal in the analysis of the urban psyche.

"Interviewing The Cities" took shape in the mid 90s at Kuenstlerhaus
Bethanien; was continued in 1997-1998 at the Akademie Schloss Solitude,
Stuttgart. It was developed in: Vienna, with the support of KulturKontakt;
Amsterdam, through the financing of Stichting De Appel; Helsinki, through a
residency from the Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art. The outcome of
the project will be a series of publications in different formats (book,
web site, CD ROM).

Calin Dan
Rozengracht 105/D4
NL-1016 LV Amsterdam
T: + 31 (0)20 770 1432
F: + 31 (0)20 623 7760

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