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<nettime> Summoning Interview with Our calling in simple subject GL

Corpus delicti :
> ." This is a typical European
> attitude  the New World makes, the Old World thinks. This is as
> ridiculous coming from London as it would be from Paris (though I always
> felt that Barbrook and Cameron had a better sense of humor about their
> characterizations than did many of their readers, both in Europe and the
> US).
>From a OsGL’sPeter Lunefeld interview

SMTB as Sa Majesté Teddy Bytown 
OsGL as Our simple subject Geert Lovink

SMTB (royally sitting on Our throne): kneel down in front of your king !

OsGL (lying down) : excuse me, even flat on my stomach my prince.

SMTB : I convoke you, globalised earthlingly fiend, for having not 
contradicted your Peter Lunefeld acolyte about the so-called without 
humour barbrookian's readers ! it's the embodiment of the laugh to dare to 
insinuate that Our people would be just made of illiterated villains and 
uneducated peasants for not seeing Barbrook as a hoot !

OsGL: glbl bl bl..brok..gloobl..

SMTB: stop ! it's enough to speak freely and at ease kneel down rather 
slaveryly mumbled the month in the mud : Here we speak Cervantes or 
Molière above the shoulder, not Shakespeare below the belt

OsGL (standing up) : merci mon Sire ! ha really I come back to the 
culture. I apologize Majesté for not seeing that Peter Lunefeld tried to 
take your people and therefore me a bit in so imbecile way.

SMTB: well why don't you say to this Lunefeld it's well known that 
Barbrook is a taking around the world terrific funfair freak who is always 
yelling " I eat iron and steel so why did one put me in a basketwork cage"

OsGL: would you mean that Barbrook gives to himself so much pain to make 
us laugh?

SMTB: of course, he is with communism as a Buffalo Bill who would connive 
with the last Indian after their decimation. "Internet as the grand 
prairie of all the commies. He achieves to beat Winston himself in saying 
something as communism is the best regime but without communists" isn't it 
funny ?

OsGL: not so much

SMTB: would you mean you are all alone in the without humour barbrookian's 
readers that your Lunefeld speak about ?

OsGL: er I am Just joking majesty.. of course I find this BBB (barbrookian 
bill) so funny ! hahaha ha.

SMTB: hum well I am wondering if you are the best emissary to spread all 
over the world the news that Our people couldn't be just a bunch of 

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