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>[SOURCE: CyberTimes, AUTHOR: Matthew Mirapaul (]
>After several years of intense activity, few new digital art works are
>appearing. Are artists on a summer break? Are the waiting for the
>commissioning spigot to start spewing dollars? Perhaps artists may be taking
>time to ponder in which direction they should push the medium next.

By what measure did Arts@Large determine that there are 'few' new digital
artworks appearing? This is just bizarre. The two texts that Mirapaul
selected are excellent, no doubt about it, but to say that there aren't any
others displays a resounding lack of awareness of work that is being done.
Has he never read any of the crop of zines that are publishing these kinds
of works, for example, to name a few: BeeHive, Riding the Meridian,
Cauldron and Net, The Iowa Web Review, frAme, Alt-X, Salt Hill, the
Electronic Book Review, etc., etc.? Is he really unaware of the annual
conferences like SIGGRAPH, Digital Arts and Culture, SFMOMA and of other
special events like Ink.Ubation (at trAce) or support organizations like
the Electronic LIterature Organization, Turbulence, Rhizome, and on and on?
As Curator of an online gallery, I assure you all that there are more works
than ever before. The work that is being done by web.artists is wholly
international and broader in scope, richer in quality and more
technologically innovative than ever before. The alternatives being put
forward by web.artists these days are startling innovations as Arun-Kumar
Tripathi states, but Morrisey and Chang are just two among a host of


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