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<nettime> Making up the rules: interception versus privacy

Making up the rules: interception versus privacy.
A dossier on digital wiretapping.

The Dutch organizations Buro Jansen & Janssen and Eurowatch present their
online dossier on digital wiretapping, focussing especially on
developments in Europe and the Netherlands. 

Cyber crime, cyber terrorism and cyber warfare. These are three keywords
in an ongoing effort of governments worldwide to enhance their digital
wiretapping capabilities and counter the use of cryptography. "Making up
the rules:  interception versus privacy" discusses the efforts of the
Council of Europe and the European Ministers of Justice and Home Affairs
to harmonize their capabilities to wiretap the internet and facilitate
cross-border law enforcement activities in Europe. 

The dossier covers issues like Echelon, law enforcement internet tapping,
cryptography, Enfopol and the cyber crime treaty. The privacy of internet
users is the price governments are willing to pay in an ongoing battle to
make the internet ready for large-scale tapping. 

The dossier gives special attention to developments in The Netherlands, as
it is the western country with the largest amount of taps per year
according to a Dutch ministry of Justice report. In the march 2000 the
Dutch national police division (KLPD) opened Europe's largest tapping
facility capable of operating a 1000 simultaneous taps ranging from
standard telephone lines to mobile telephony and the latest ICT
technologies such as internet. 

"Making up the rules: interception versus privacy" can be found at:

The dossier was made on the initiative of Bits of Freedom, a Dutch privacy
and civil rights organization. 

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