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<nettime> What Would Jesus Said [askjesus meets Simon Hadlers interview to Matthew Mirapaul

WWJS What Would Jesus Said 
[ answers to Simon Hadler’s interview to Matthew Mirapaul]

Simon Hadler: Which song describes your mood concerning the termination of

Ask Jesus: Thought we were having a good time, thought we were having a
good time, you smiled, I laughed, I thought it was all fine, thought we
were having a good time... Once upon a time, this page was one of the
primary mood disorder resources of the Net. For various reasons, things
have changed now: I'm not a ...  This document does not attempt to be a
final word on anything. It has always been in a state of flux, and I
expect it will continue to be so for a while to come. 

SH: Why was arts@large terminated, anyway? I had the feeling that it was
very successful.

AJ: Oh, yeah, yeah I'm not feeling you. No matter what you do No matter
what you say I'm leaving anyway You know how I'm living Playa's never been
my style.This time you're not forgiven so Don't try to change my mind I
know you want me And I know you want me bad I know you're thinking' of me
It's my turn not to care And that's why I'm... Working with oil is my
favorite mode of expression. I take myself into a feeling of expansion and
at the right point of the painting, I use sand paper and cutting tools to
bring out the impression I want to create.

SH: How come that a computer industry executive turned to writing about
art? And what was the idea behind starting arts@large? 

AJ: `Millionaire` mania to morph into marriage Proving that there are no
limits to game show one-upmanship in the Who Wants to Bea Millionaire era,
Fox is developing a two-hour live special with the working title

SH: January 1996 must have been a thrilling time to start to write about
art on the web. Everything had just began. Where you "hit by the hype"?

AJ: We brake for robots! Forget about whatever you were searching for.
It's not important. You may not be aware of it consciously, but you really
want to read Word instead. So go on -- click here. You'll be glad you did!

SH: In your column, you often wrote about institutions dealing with Whether it was Peter Weibel's Net_Condition, the Ars Electronica
festival or the Whitney Biennial. Many artists in the field-- or at least
those with the louder voices on nettime & co.--are firmly opposed to that
development. Is it that bad that is heading towards the museums?

AJ: Dear, IŽd like know some opinions on general role of museal
collections and museums as institutions in preserving of biodiversity. The
special museal attributes are, for me: - heading position in management of
biodiversity data, in collaboration with universities; research,
conservational and other institutions - special standing in taxonomy
research like place traditionally oriented to... 

SH: Another development the hard liners of oppose is the very
slowly beginning commercialization of the genre. But is there any money in
it after all?

AJ: ...., ....... ...... .... ........ ........... .... ...........
........ .... ...... .... .... .. ......... .. ... 

SH: Concerning the jury of this year's prix Ars Electronica, is
deader than dead. Many others think so, too. Can it be, that the artists
of the genre have run out of new, astonishing ideas after only five or six
years of its existence?

AJ: In 2399 Earth and six other Worlds joined together to form the
Celestial Commonwealth Alliance. Two hundred years later the Alliance has
grown, as has the need for its existence. 

SH: is a very heterogeneous field. What you once called
"conceptual pranks," ASCII Art, highly sophisticated "interactive" flash
movies, hypertext and so on... What do you think are the most interesting

AJ: Dedicated to the think ing of interesting (and largely continental)

SH: Are there developments you consider problematic? 

AJ: The issues that we consider to be social problems have changed over
time and place. What is considered problematic today may not have been
considered problematic yesterday. 

SH: Do you have something like "my favorite"? 

AJ: Absolut DJ is an experience in creating visual music.  Mix and create
your own DJ compositions with the Absolut DJ modules, which are a
compilation of DJs from all around the world.  Also, a collection of love,
romance and relationships resources including advice, poetry, quotes,
dedications, chat, horoscopes, romantic ideas, message boards, free love
postcards and much more!! 

SH: At the end of each year, you have made predictions about the upcoming
year. Now that your column won't go on after--nearly--five interesting
years, what are your predictions for the next five years?

AJ: That's Racin'... 

----------------------------------------------------------------- masa

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