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Re: <nettime> Interview with Peter Lunenfeld


Just to clear up a misunderstanding:

>When Richard Barbrook and
>Andy Cameron wrote "The Californian Ideology,"
>for some of us who were working here, the tone of the
>article rankled: "So far, the Californians have proved to be better at
>making virtual machines than social analyses." This is a typical European
>attitude  the New World makes, the Old World thinks.

This is *not* what the sentence means. What it really says is that the New
World makes good things and thinks lazy thoughts.

Funnily enough, 'The Californian Ideology' was primarily inspired by our
annoyance at the way that the Old World thinks about the Net whatever the
New World thinks. Look at the uncritical reception given over here to
'Wired' in '95 - and to Manuel Castells today...



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