Shannon Noble on 9 Aug 2000 06:26:44 -0000

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<nettime> DSR-20

I had a DSR-20 Sony Digital Videocassette Recorder that I decided to sell
because it was overkill for the amount of input and output I need for doing
DV projects and I figured I could get everything I needed done using my TRV
900 video camera for all that stuff and not worry about wear and tear on the I put it up for sale in The Recycler on line thinking I probably
wouldn't be able to sell it there but what the heck. Anyways....I had a call
on my answering machine Sunday night after getting home from's
about my video I call and leave a message on this guys machine. He
returns my call yesterday at about noon. I'm a bit spaced out when Karen
passes the call to me as I had the headphones on and was working with my
keyboard and with Reaktor but I manage. He says "What kind of condition is
it in?" and I say "perfect" and he says "You're asking $2550 for it, right?"
and I go "yeah". He says "I'll cut a cashiers check for you and can you
bring it by in a couple hours, I'm in your neck of the woods" and I say
"yeah" and he gives me the address and we hang up. Well I'm still a bit
spaced after this and then realized he just offered me $100 dollars more for
it then I had advertised but I say..."what the fuck" and get in my car after
doing a couple of last minute transfers. I'm heading out to the address when
I realize....where the fuck is this is not in my neck of the
woods....its twenty five miles from my house via car in heavy traffic. So I
call the wife and say I'm off on a long shot. Half way out I call the number
he gave me to verify directions. I hang up...and realize this is not close
and what would people be doing at a facility out this way with a machine
like this....then I remember he said they already had sixteen of these
puppies...."click" goes my brain...."adult pornography"!!

I get there. Non descript ugly building next to freeway. David Lynch
hallway's with very abstract numbering. I find the place. Walk in. bit of a
shock. A normal looking African American woman at a butt ugly wood veneer
desk asks for my name and who am I looking for. Drop ceilings with fucked up
florescent lighting. Claustrophobic. The first thing I notice then are the
numerous salt water fish tanks and the ugly carpeting. Then I realize there
about twenty or more brand new G4's with brand new 20 inch Apple monitors
all lined up in a very very very tight space....maybe three inches between
monitors. The guy comes out. Hands me the cashier check, takes the machine
and hands it to this guy who hooks it up to a Mac and plugz a porno tape
into it. Live Action SEX on my poor little dv videocassette....I'm
thinking...why didn't I bring my resume. They're using Final Cut Pro.

I take my check and myself and bid them farewell. Head to Taco Bell for some
bad burrito. Stop at Starbuck's for some inspiration and go home.


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