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<nettime> New Member Introduction: Mick Souder

Hi, I'm Mick Souder and I'm a community networking activist based in
Colorado USA concerned with how people can use communications technology
to influence public debate.  To the extent I have an ideology it's that
citizens take back the US political debate from the money interests of
corporations and unions, and from the filter of mass media.  I believe
citizens can accomplish this through the use of tools such as the
Internet.  I think that grassroots organizing through the net has a better
chance of being successful than campaign finance reform. 

As an expression of this ideology, I was moderator of the successful
Minnesota E-Democracy (http://www.e-democracy.org ) mn-politics mail forum
between 1994-1998.  mn-politics resources may be found on eGroups (
http://www.egroups.com/group/mn-politics-discuss and
http://www.egroups.com/group/mn-politics-announce ). 

Currently, I'm a registered Republican because I wanted to vote for McCain
in the Colorado Primary.  However, in the past I have also voted for
libertarian, green, socialist worker candidates and even a democrat or

I'm here in two capacities.  One, I'm an outreach consultant for Web White
& Blue 2000 ( http://www.webwhiteblue.org/ ) a non-profit, non-partisan
project of the Markle Foundation ( http://www.markle.org ).  The other, is
that I am working with Publicus.Net ( http://www.publicus.net ) to create
a database of political interaction forums with value--meaning that we are
trying to find forums of all types where people can find each other and
organize to affect public policy. 

I may pipe in from time to time as well as announce things about Web White
and Blue that might be of interest to you all as users of the Internet for
policy/political purposes and for seeing how your friends and enemies are
using the net. 

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  Mick Souder - Web White & Blue 2000 Outreach Team
  E-mail: mick@webwhiteblue.org
  Voicemail: 1-877-464-0029 - Toll Free

  Join thousands of WWB Participating Sites today.
  Web: http://www.webwhiteblue.org/participate
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