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<nettime> Yahoo says QuickTime is not stable for Live events

Taken fromAPple public list:

Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 15:03:21 -0700
From: David Gratton <gratton@icimediainc.com>
Subject: Yahoo says QuickTime is not stable for Live events


Recently I have convinced my customer to choose QuickTime as their media
platform of choice.  The interactive features we were able to present to
them for rstp streaming as well as http was the deciding factor.  However,
broadcast.com is now placing pressure on my customer to change their mind
on QuickTime, because QuickTime is not stable. 

My customer wants assurances from me that QuickTime is, in fact, reliable
for a large Web cast.  We will be streaming the Latin Grammy's this
September.  We have done Live streaming for close to a year now using
QuickTime.  I am not aware of the stability issue that the "engineers" at
Yahoo mention.  The Keynote for MacWorld does make me a touch nervous,

Can you please detail to me any known issues that may be a cause for some
concern with regards to using QuickTime for a Live stream.  I need to be
prepared and deal with these now no matter how small. 

If this is a case of Yahoo creating FUD, then will someone at Apple please
get in touch with these Yahoo Jackasses, and put them in their place. 

Below is the e-mail Yahoo sent my client. 

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Kimberly Adams [mailto:kadams@yahoo-inc.com]
>Sent: August 14, 2000 1:22 PM
>To: [edited]
>Subject: One last thing....
>Importance: High
>[edited]...I appreciate you giving me the download on why you choose
>to go with [edited].  I know you were wanting the ability to reach a
>number of simultaneous users and I discussed this with my engineers
after we
>got off the phone.  There are certain limitations with Quicktime and
>offering the ability to have heavy traffic while streaming in
>The reason it is not totally supported by Yahoo! Broadcast is due to
>product not offering a stable environment for streaming live events.
>Hosting movie trailers and small clips is very different from a major
>I just wanted to make sure you were aware of the technology issues
and if
>you needed to speak with one of our engineers I would be happy to
arrange it
>if there's any chance of us still winning this business.
>Thanks again,
>Kimberly Adams
>(214)280-3364 cell
>(916)314-9480 fax

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