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<nettime> the mrmr book of revelation

"Do you mrmr?" - have you recently been asked that? Not yet? Well, it's
the time...
mrmr looks like this:
That humble symbol and that relaxing sound of mrmr express everything
and just that.
The fatherland of mrmr is Balkans; mrmr is the mantra of the Balkan fuel
smuggler when rowing the boat across the river, with the petrol barrels
floating behind him. mrmr was born in 2000, somewhere between Belgrade
and Bucharest. Therefore, mrmr can be understood and enjoyed properly by
the Balkan people, tramps, independent filmmakers, reserve soldiers,
pagans and other kinds of so-called losers. All those folks do mrmr all
the time:


Psalm 1
mrmr in the morning
mrmr in the afternoon
mrmr in the evening
mrmr all night long

Psalm 2
mrmr 'round the clock
mrmr little sixteen
mrmr balls of fire

Psalm 3
rock'n'roll is dead
punk is dead
communism stinks
capitalism sucks
mrmr's here and that's the fact

Psalm 4
when your dick is loose
mrmr tells you never mind

Psalm 5
mrmr lives longer than the hope
you can always mrmr
mrmr never fails
mrmr o muerte
mrmr bre!


This is just in brief about the mrmr; you'll get more information later.
Come join the tribe.
Aleksandar Gubas


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