Aleksandar Gubas on 17 Aug 2000 00:04:29 -0000

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<nettime> the essence of Eurasia

The 3rd Yugoslav Festival of Cheap Film in Subotica (August 9-13, 2000) 
was great. Held in the town where Serbia meets Hungary, it was the event
with the true Eurasian energy and the celebration of the disillusion. 
Since many of the films shown at the 3rd Yugoslav Festival of Cheap Film
were mrmr films, I suggest the organizers to make this festival
international in 2001, and to entitle it The International Festival of
mrmr Film. In that way, the artists from other countries would have the
opportunity to show their mrmr work to the experienced audience.  Only bad
guys and naughty girls would have the right to submit their films to The
International Festival of mrmr Film in Subotica.  Come join the tribe. 
mrmr, Aleksandar Gubas


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