Aleksandar Gubas on 19 Aug 2000 16:45:25 -0000

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<nettime> postnihilist blues wrote:

I'm ready to join the tribe, just that in English, without a vowel, I'm
at a loss as to how to vocalize our mantra.

I first read "mister mister", no way, cheesy 80's pop, then "murmur"  * No
eighties pop, no Duran Duran! "Murmur" is the right vocalizing.  Actually,
it could be taken almost as the translation. mrmr is the sound of
postnihilism, and that's the phase East Europe comes through. I have seen
many East European short films during the last few weeks, and it's amazing
how the whole East is murmuring mrmr. 

And I believe that many people outside East Europe get more and more
familiar with that disarming postnihilist feeling. Am I wrong? 

and I started to hear those fuel barrels, am I getting close?  * Yes, the
fuel barrels sing the mrmr blues of their own. That's the film, man. 

>--<___/\::> forever
* mrmr to you, brotha
Come join the tribe. Don't you feel the energy?


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