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<nettime> Initiative for a truly new economy

> Economics - as if people matter
> Dear friend,
> Ode Magazine - an influential Dutch alternative newsmagazine - recently
> published a cover story on the effects of the global economy. After a
> thorough analysis of the mechanisms of the economic system, we came up
> with twelve practical suggestions to achieve a more humane economy.
> These suggestions have been put in a treaty to be ratified on the 1st of
> December 2000 in the Dutch village of Noordwijk aan Zee. The reason why
> we came up with this village is because it accommodates a famous
> hotel/conference centre at the seashore, much like Hotel Mount
> Washington in Bretton Woods where - as you know - our current economic
> system was designed by world leaders about half a century ago. So, we
> think it is time to get together once again to redesign our economy for
> the 21st century.
> Ode Magazine organises a conference on December 1st and 2nd to adopt the
> Treaty of Noordwijk aan Zee. We are inviting well known international
> speakers, writers and thinkers to come to The Netherlands to work with
> other participants on the treaty.
> We invite you to read our story on our website
> and to share your comments and
> suggestions. Please forward this message to your circle of friends and
> co-builders of tomorrow. And do come to The Netherlands in December. It
> is time for a people's initiative.
> With best wishes,
> Jurriaan Kamp and Tijn Touber

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