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nettime: Wake up call to information anarchists

Backspace, a Cyber Gallery, the latest in
the upsurge of activity on the Southbank, 
London, UK.

The concept and organization of Backspace
is intrinsically linked to the ebb and
flow of the River Thames, a much abused and
maligned source of inspiration and

Backspace provides a stimulating
environment for exploration and
expression on the Internet and is
the focal point for related events,
audio-visual and other wise, with
particular bias toward the diverse
talents of those based in the area.
Enquiring minds are encouraged to make
contact and take up membership. The
gallery will be open from mid-day to 8pm

Consider yourself invited.

winchester wharf 
clink street 
london se1 9dg 

tel: 44 171 234 0804


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