Robert Adrian on Thu, 18 Jul 96 12:14 MDT

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Re: nettime: Wake up call to information anarchists

Hello backspace -

>The concept and organization of Backspace
>is intrinsically linked to the ebb and
>flow of the River Thames, a much abused and
>maligned source of inspiration and

If you are ebbing and flowing with the muddy thames you
MUST be interested in the RIVERS&BRIDGES project --
an open and open-ended project (which will also be part
of this year's ARS ELECTRONICA Festival).

below is a brief blurb about R&B --- anybody interested
should contact:


an OPEN, UNSTRUCTURED and UNCURATED project that starts
any time -- becomes visible during the ARS ELECTRONICA
FESTIVAL'96 in September -- but never ends!.

In a world composed entirely of centers there are no margins --
if it happens here it happens everywhere ....
You've got a river?
You've got a bridge?
You're part of RIVERS&BRIDGES!

Any new or ongoing project including RIVERS and/or BRIDGES
is automatically a part of RIVERS&BRIDGES. Projects with a
communications element can be linked via radio or Internet.
Metaphorical Rivers and Bridges are also RIVERS&BRIDGES.
Think a river -- imagine a bridge!

The project coordinators and theoreticians for R&B are:
Jocelyn Robert in Quebec < (J.Robert)>
Janos Sugar in Budapest  < (Janos Sugar)>

If you are planning an R&B project send the URL or details
of the project for inclusion in the RIV_BRI home page.


All projects -- real or fantasy -- proposed for R&B
will be included on this site ... permantly under const. ;-)

There will be a day of live interactive events (Radio,
Internet, Fax, Phon e -- everything) on September 5'96.



1) ACOUSTIC POSTCARDS ( max. 3-4min); Anything to do
with rivers and bridges -- soundscapes, stories, legends,
events, documentaries ....

2.) Texts, poems, excerpts of novels, essays about Rivers
and Bridges. Send a disc for intenet text-files and a tape
(in original language) for broadcast.

The postcards and texts will be collected in Vienna (R&B
collecting point) and distributed to all participating radio
stations. The postcards & texts will also form a databank of
samples to be triggered from the internet for broadcasting.

Questions, Proposals, Suggestions, Contributions to:
Argentinierstraže 30 a
A 1040 Vienna
Tel.: ++43 1 50101 8277)
FAX: ++43 1 50101 8929

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