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7th International Festival of Radio
and Media in the Electronic Space


Rimini (I) / San Marino (RSM)
November 3 - 9, 1997

LADA 97 will take place from November 3 to 9 in Rimini, Italy, and San
Marino (RSM).

Call for Proposals for:
Lectures, performances, sound/light installations in public space
(including radio and internet), radio broadcasts, webcasts.
Project proposals must be sent to <> with the subject:
*LADA97* [deadline: July 15, 1997].

The festival is focused on public spaces' interventions and is curated by
Giardini Pensili together with Amici della Musica Rimini, Comune di Rimini,
Repubblica di San Marino, RTV San Marino Broadcasting Corporation,
RAI Audiobox / Italian Broadcasting  Corporation, ORF Kunstradio / Austrian
Broadcasting Corporation.

The title MISURE comes from the concept of definition of a space through
various tools like distance, sound, time, geometry. What a border is? How
does it work? The measurement of a space defines naturally its borders and
deals with social infrastructures as well. What is a portable and nomadic
border? How can the border be organised in a positive way in terms of
reciprocal understanding based on difference?

City means public space and of course architecture, streets, sounds,
everybody's daily activites. It also means public and private transportation
and transit places. All kinds of interfaces between us and our environment.
The creation of projects in public spaces involves the necessity of dealing
not just with the art world public but with everybody.

Part of the symposium will be in the streets of Rimini using outdoor
loudspeakers to invoke the clichees of propaganda. Other strategies are in
development in order to mix up theory and praxis. In 1996 a very normal bar
was chosen as center of the symposium and a web and radio studio were
installed and accessed throughout the festival. We were broadcasting
nationwide between Austria and Italy. In the evening, regular customers
were mixing with the invited artists and cogniscenti. This year we hope to
hold one day of LADA on the Adriatic on board a cruise boat. From the sea
we will be able to experience Sam Auinger's live work for the *Publiphono*
(the public adress system that stretches for nearly 20 kilometers along
the famous Rimini beach). We'll be on-air, on-line, on-site and at-sea at
the same time.

Radio will be treated as a public space where installations can be
broadcast during the festival through a network of independent and public
radios created for the project. DJs and audio-artists, working with sound
environments will contribute to an atmosphere of total broadcasting. The
Internet is also seen as a *tool* for collective experiences in the *real*
world. In the words of Umberto Eco - let's gather through the net in the
same piazza (well... actually Umberto was sayng: "to get people out of the
house and - why not? - even into each other's arms.").

In LADA emphasis is given to the praxis of the *permanent workshop*. This
means that through all the year a series of events and presentations create
a stream of activities where LADA can be regarded as a more visible point
and the first part of the festival, between November 3 and 5, is totally
dedicated to workshop activities. Radio Lada will be the on-line audio
to the project. For this year's project we also intend to develop
and wireless data transmission as art tools.

Kunstradio is planning a project in the framework of LADA97 as a part of
the preparation for *Recycling the Future* (Vienna, 4-7 Dec., 1997),
Kunstradio's 10th anniversary project.

LADA97. In collaboration with: Telecom Italia,  Phonurgia Nova,
Universita' di Siena / Scienze della Comunicazione, Popolare Network,
Radio Lada, il manifesto.

Further information:

Giardini Pensili
voice/fax: + 39 541 759316

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