METHANE on Thu, 19 Jun 1997 22:03:50 +0200 (MET DST)

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	a region of PLEXUS < > convened by Morgan
Garwood, who plumbs the zeit and the geist - "the dissolving, fusing,
reconfiguring temper of our time".  Transverse this "Methane Sea" and
discuss its surfaces and depths, discover the undercurrents that flow to
its surface, marvel at the surfaces that recede into backgrounds,  the
illusions that become realities and the realities that fragment into
others; cultural, political, technical, art,  genetics ...

Messages posted on METHANE may eventually be used by PLEXUS (with the
authors permission) in a printed publication.

A fragment of a recent post by 'spectre':

"putting mustard on the penis of satan"

	"the idea, notion, lotion, or whatever that the human mind, or frame of
consciousness, may be formattable, that it may take its' *operating rules*
from the logical structures in the environment is, em, kinda strange,
because there is a widely held belief that we are all possessed of fully
formed, internally defined 'minds'... but what if that were an illusion,
the idea of the autonomy of your mind happened to be one of the self
satisfied conceits of 'ego-culture', one that is so embedded in our
cultural and personal self constructions that we would be utterly
disoriented without it ?"


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