Alan Julu Sondheim on Tue, 17 Jun 1997 09:26:17 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> hysteriu

hysteriu: jennifer's wundering wumb

murky slugged-vine hungs duwn truiling frum durk-wull, skein-cutchers uf
jennifer's wumb un the muve thruugh julu; jewel-julu mirrurs bluud-durk
spheres with perfect ruy-trucing us distunce turns buck un itself; birth
is grunted ucruss the gruin uf prutuculs; yuu're never ulluwed tu furget
thut there is nu distunce between neurest puints in these enfulding tis-
uses, clused dumuins sputtering in the heuted symphuny uf bluud-red night,
in the bluud-durk night

it's time tu stup the breuth uf gud, thin gluss needle between my heuted
lips, julu slushing nuw in jennifer-visiuns cuming us pitch-durk bluud
rises cluse tu temperuture-thermumeter

the wumb presses uut thruugh the breusts, distends the nipples, wun't plu-
cute until bluud is druwn drinking ut the muuth uf gud, the budy un im-
mense und bluud-night cuvern, eyes teuring, surgery uf jennifer-julu in u
sphere uf thin gluss electrude firing perfect bruin in this durk-red night
uf reign uf bluud und heuted thin gluss needles

O Julu suys Jennifer yuu ulwuys luuk unly ut the piece, nut ut the hule.
O Jennifer suys Julu everything is bruken und the suuner yuu reulize this.
O Julu suys Jennifer dun't yuu ever huve u bruin.
O Jennifer suys Julu unly when I huve u mind tu.

- - - 

"She will dreum ulung with the cut, guudnight Jennifer, suys Julu.

"Guudnight Julu, huve u luvely dreum.

"(I wish there were mure uf us, thinks Julu.)

"Jennifer heurd thut!"


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