Peter Tomaz Dobrila on Tue, 17 Jun 1997 11:12:01 +0200 (MET DST)

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Re: <nettime> Translation: The vagina is the boss on internet

Give it back...

> Peter,
> I think you are very right about this and I think that other people should
> know this too. That's why I am sending this to the nettime list.
I agree, but on the other hand may mail box is quite full with all nettime
discusions, so how can the others cope with that. It's imposible to read
all the things, while some mails are very (too) long. The thing about new
media is that text informations should be short and precise, the long
stories should be printed. I just can't use computer as a book, my eyes
get sore. It's a multimedia machine. 

> I wrote this article because I wanted to write something about feministic
> art on the internet and not because I am an feminist. Althought I think that
> the ideas behind the feminist arts are very interesting, I do not agree with
> them. I also think that men and women should be equal.
What is feminist art? It's a kind of statement. But on the other hand, if
you look global, there are about 51% of women and 49% of men on the world.
So women are majority (tipical in racism is dictatorship of majority on
minority). I'm O.K. with that, but I think a lot of feminist artist don't
get it. It was funny when a guy on the LEAF meeting in Liverpool this year
pointed out, when there was 'women-only' meeting, that it would be maybe
more relevant to have 'shy-only' meeting, because somebody said that one
of the women attributes is shyness. Are men not shy? Don't you think I can
make feminist art as you can do the macho one? Specialy on the net. Art
is trans-... Everything else is and excuse and pure activism. Sexism is
far out. And the worst is that personal shit is then abstracted to whole
population. Aren't we individuals? There are differences between people,
everyone is different person. And of course there are shitty women and
shitty men. 
> I left my opinion out of the article, because I wanted to give a kind of
> objective prescription, maybe I should have given more of my own opinion
But I got your opinion and I'm supporting it. 



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