Doris Weichselbaumer on Tue, 17 Jun 1997 15:48:43 +0200 (MET DST)

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Re: <nettime> Translation: The vagina is the boss on internet


> What equality, if there are 'women only' things?

Come on, get real! 

maybe you come from a different planet than me, but i grew up  
surrounded with *men only* things, and still i am often enough the 
*_one_ woman only* amongst males (whether it's in the rock biz, 
*industrial* art, university...)

so excuse me, if women want to have their own things for a change, 
bad enough if they're having a minority status in society when in 
fact they are the majority in population. (ever heard that woman do 
about 60 % of all work but possess 3 % of property?)

would you dare to get mad about if a ethnic minority wants to do 
their own thing? i don't think so. so be consistent. it's the right 
of every *minority* to gather and do their *own thing*.

as long as *the thing between your legs* as you call it is considered 
to be an indicator for your abilities and interests - it very well 
_is_ still  an issue.

not to talk about how female sexual body parts got degraded by men in 
the past, so talking about the CLITORIS and the VAGINA, SLUTS and 
CUNTS is about regaining what belongs to us, giving it new meaning 
and pride.


> Better name all sexists and we can E-mail them. I'll help you with that.
It's not just people - it's a system that's sexist. _nobody_ can 
really claim not to be racist or sexist. but we can try.


p.s. for some more provocation: 
there is the idea, that men alone should carry the burden of paying 
taxes for all the costs involved with crime that to the highest 
degree are committed by men! 
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