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<nettime> Feminist art (fwd)

From: Faith Wilding <74447.2452@CompuServe.COM
Subject: Feminist art

Dear nettime,

I just have to say that the article Vagina on the Net demonstrated 
that the writer has a very superficial and misguided knowledge of feminist 
art, and very little understanding of the history of feminism in the last 25 
years. If Anne de Haan's article was a representative summation of feminist 
art on the WEB, and generally, then this is very sad. I see the Net as 
primarily a communications network at present, and I'm pained to see that the 
communication on feminism and feminist art is at such a low level. 
I do very much appreciate the work being done by VNS Matrix and a few others. 
But it seems that there's a serious under-representation of the work being 
done by feminist cultural creators on Nettime.
As a correction I must add that Lucy Lippard did not "found a feminist art 
institution" in the USA. The feminist art movement ("institution" is the wrong
term here entirely) was brought into being by diverse groups all over the USA 
working collaboratively and networking nationally. Much of this history is 
contained in the book: The Power of Feminist Art, edited by Broude and 
Garrard, and published by Abrams. Though the book has many flaws, one can gain
a good overview of the development and history of the feminist art movement 
from it. And let's not forget that feminist art is a mobile category which is 
now spread throughout the world. And lives!
In solidarity, Faith Wilding
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