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Re: <nettime> Feminist art/ bossy cunts online

Obviously, there is much feminist artwork, theory, and thought online that
is not represented by the 'bossy cunts' discussion or the VNS Matrix.
Interested parties should query the rhizome CONTENTBASE under 'gender' or
'feminism' for more commentary in this area. [ http://www.rhizome.com ]

However, while many nettime threads take heat, and stop-the-thread posts
come and go, I want to voice my explicit support of 'bossy cunts online.'
To those who don't really believe sexism exists, I say... pick up a
magazine? see a movie? And, for sure, the "humanist" sexless agenda leaves
me cold between the legs.

Some have posted that this thread has been too low, or of inferior quality
-- but let's not dismiss politicizing discussions. What gets attention on
nettime? What gets dismissed? Further, I don't think Anne, or anyone
actually, has been claiming to represent respective collectives. In my
view, these issues are not discussed enough, and it is limiting not to
encourage a range of voices.

Rachel Greene


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