Melentie Pandilovski on Wed, 18 Jun 1997 20:12:01 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> CUSeeMe Conference in Skopje and Feminist Art in general

Dear Net-timers,

Since I see a very quick picking up of the FEMALE -MALE ISSUES in these 
past few days on the subject "Feminist art/ bossy cunts online", I 
would like to invite all of the interested people to the CU-See Me 
Conference on the opening of SEAFair on 24.06.97 at 22:00 hrs CET.
The title of the Conference is MALE FEMALE INTERSPACES.

You may try it even now on:

on SEAFair 97


from Skopje: 
Liljana Gjuzelova, Nada Prlja, Maja Sokolova, Jana Kunovska,
Kalina Bunevska, Anita Ivkovik and participants from the SEaFair 97

from Boston - Providence USA
Artists: Marilyn Arsem, Mirna Arsovska, Iskra Dimitrova, Meredith
Davis, Mary Novotny Jones, Margarita Kiselicka Klajdzieva, Kathy
Nolan, Nora Stojanovic, Margaret B. Tittmore, Zaneta Vangeli, Art
Critic: Suzana Milevska

from Vienna;
Kathy Rae Huffman...

MALE_FEMALE Interspaces is conected to the "Liquor Amnii " 
project that explores the inter spaces between
the male and female consideration of archeology, time, alchemy of
birth and death, body politics, changing of identities, interactive
communication etc. The participants are kindly invited to support the
project and the Conference with their different and, may be, opposite
opinions announced and processed through the NET.

The project "Liquor Amnii" is
happened in Skopje, Macedonia, during the Skopje Summer Festival 1996, in the
abandoned space of  the Turkish bath from 16 century.
The second part of the project "Liquor Amnii"
takes place in Providence, at the CONVERGENCE X International Art 
Festival, on 20, 21 June.

I look forward to your participation.



Melentie Pandilovski
assistant director

Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Skopje
Ruzveltova 34
91000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Tel/Fax: 389.91.133.541
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