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<nettime> EXTRO conference on the future: information

E X T R O  3
Extropy Institute's 3rd Conference on the Future
August 9-10 1997
Doubletree Hotel (formerly the Red Lion Inn), San Jose, CA

The most intensely stimulating event of the year! EXTRO 3 brings together
scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, philosophers, and artists who
seek to overcome human limits. Interested in extending life span,
augmenting intelligence (both cognitive and emotional), achieving control
over biology through genetic engineering, bioengineering, neural-computer
interfaces, and molecular nanotechnology? Come and share your ideas and
hear the latest thoughts of the experts. Interested in the effects of these
technologies psychologically, economically, politically, and culturally?
Come and network at the largest gathering of extropian thinkers.

The EXTRO conferences bring together people from many disciplines,
including computer science, artificial intelligence, psychology,
neuroscience, genetic engineering, molecular nanotechnology, philosophy,
and economics. By facilitating the networking of leading edge technologists
and thinkers we aim to accelerate research, development, and communication
of ideas in a way not possible for a single-discipline conference. 

EXTRO 3 is not just for researchers and theorists. It's for everyone who
wants to stay on the forefront of thinking. The EXTRO conferences help us
to stay on the leading edge of evolution as we accelerate into the future.
The high intellectual standards of the conference combine cutting edge
thinking with scientific rigor and rationality.

Aside from the serious aspects of the event, participants at past EXTRO
conferences expressed delight at the sheer intellectual pleasure of the
sessions, combined with many pleasurable interactions with other conference
goers. The parties and meals before, during, and after the conference
provide numerous opportunities for fun and networking.

The EXTRO 3 program is led by Keynote Speaker, 
Dr. Eric Drexler. See over for the complete roster.

For updates, times, hotel info, speakers' bios and more, see: or call (310) 398-0375 and leave your
mailing address or email address.

Saturday: Future of the Body and Brain

Welcome: Max More

Gregory Stock, Ph.D.: Engineering the Human Germline. (Author, Metaman.)

Max More, Ph.D.: Mind Morph: Technologically Refined Emotion and
Personality. Author of The Augmented Animal (HardWired, 1998)

Future of Gender Panel: Christopher Heward, Ph.D., Natasha Vita More
(Founder, Extropic Art Movement), Sharon Presley, Ph.D. (Resources for
Independent Thinking).

Anders Sandberg: Amplifying Cognition: Extending Human Memory and

Kevin Kelly (executive editor, Wired, author, Out of Control: The Emergence
of Neo-Biological Civilization).

Stephen Coles, M.D., Ph.D.: The Top 10 Problems in Anti-Aging Medicine. 

8.0pm: Banquet. (Cocktails at 7.30pm)

Keynote Speaker: Eric Drexler, Ph.D. (Institute for Molecular
Manufacturing, author, Engines of Creation, and Nanosystems.)

After Keynote Speech: Techno/ambient dance party (with quiet rooms nearby
for conversation).

Sunday: Future Infrastructure

Mark Miller: Computer Security as the Future of Law

Alexander "Sasha" Chislenko, (Firefly, Inc.): Cyborgs, Agents, Processors:
Incorporating Technological Evolution Into Ourselves.

AI Onset: Continuity or Singularity? panel: Chaired by Marvin Minsky (to be
confirmed), Carl Feynman, Robin Hanson, Ralph Merkle, Peter Voss.

Investing in the Future: Gayle Pergamit, Courtney Smith, Peter Voss.

Chris Peterson (Foresight Institute): Radical High-Tech Environmentalists.

Future Space Society Design panel. Gregory Burch, Lee Daniel Crocker, Robin
Hanson, T.O. Morrow, Nick Szabo.

We expect over 200 people this year, coming from all over the world. As the
largest and most intense extropian event of the year, EXTRO 3 is the best
place to meet new minds and to recharge your intellectual and psychological
batteries. Register now to get the lower rates.

For accommodation information at the special conference rate of $89 (for
single, double, triple, and quadruple occupancy), contact the Doubletree
Hotel (formerly the Red Lion) at: 800-733-5466 or 408-453-4000 The hotel is
located at: 2050 Gateway Place, San Jose, CA 95110. (Reservations
recommended before July 8.)

				Before July 10	After July 10	At Door
ExI Member*:			$170		$195		$205
ExI Member student**:		$90		$95		$99
Non-Members:			$195		$220		$230
Non-Member Student**:	$99		$105		$110
*Join Extropy Institute as a member now for the one-year rate of $35 and be
covered for membership until August 30 1998 (if EXTRO 4 is held next year
you'll receive the members' rate).
**Student ID required with registration.
Registration rate includes the Saturday evening banquet.

ONE DAY RATES:		Saturday***	Sunday
ExI Member*:			$120		$100
ExI Member student**:		$75		$60
Non-Members:			$140		$125
Non-Member Student**:	$75		$65
***Saturday includes the banquet and Keynote Speech.

You can return this registration form by email to 
Alternatively, you can send this information by phone to: (310) 398-0375

If you prefer to register via the web using your credit card the direct URL

Register me for EXTRO 3
	Full conference:	
	Saturday only:	
	Sunday only:	

Amount enclosed: $
	Check:	Credit card: 

Credit card #:

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Max More, Ph.D.
President, Extropy Institute:,
EXTRO 3 CONFERENCE on the future:

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