Andreas Broeckmann on Sun, 22 Jun 1997 14:00:06 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> moderation

dear nettimers,

i spend a lot of my time at the end of a 14K4 modem these days, plus i
occasionally have some work to do. a year ago, a subscription to nettime
used to mean one long text a day on average, sometimes unreadable,
sometimes thrilling, but on the whole manageable. i find the list difficult
to handle at the moment, the noise is immense, and the discussions which
should be taking place in the newsgroup are piling in ceaselessly.

nettime used to be a channel for net criticism and collective text
filtering, and i would like it to revert to that function, rather than
becoming another list dominated by the opinions of those who type the
fastest or who constantly feel they have important things to say about

i want to suggest - tentatively, because i also see the interesting dynamic
of what is going on in the last months - that pit and geert should switch
on the moderator-button and filter messages before they go out over the
list. This would prevent us from some of the rant that people should be
doing in e-mail communication and then, possibly, send to the list in a
more digested form. this will cause extra work for pit and geert, but it
will also mean that some of the messages that come over the list now will
probably not be sent at all because people will know that they wouldn't
pass the censors.

on that latter point of censorship/filtering/moderation. it is problematic,
i know, but the list and the zkps show that the editorship has been open
and fair, and there has hardly ever been a complaint about censoring.

the newsgroup and discussion environment on might provide a useful alternative to
using the nettime list itself for the toing and froing of opinions.

make your responses short, if you have to, and otherwise just post a yes or
a no for 'moderation of postings' to



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