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<nettime> internet pornography indictment in slovenia


following is a fastfood translation of an article that appeared in 
the august 5 97 issue of mladina, a weekly politics/culture magazine 
from ljubljana. redistributed without permission. 


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Pedophile or "Surfer" - First Slovene Internet Indictment

Martin Perko, the indicted student of the Faculty for Electronics and
Computing has set up a server with his colleagues on the Faculty for
Organizational Sciences in Kranj. They put some pornographic pictures
on their homepage. All the published pictures he got from similar
pages in the Internet or Usenet newsgroups. It seems the page was
pretty popular, as he even got contacted by some american sponsors -
he turned them down because of the noncommercial nature of the server.

"One day i received a strange email from Germany - a woman was seeking
child pornography and asked me if i could provide her with some
pictures. Even back then I suspected she was an agent. As a joke I
sent her a picture of myself, old about one year." says Martin. He
removed his pornographic page, which mainly contained pictures of
"animal lovers" from the server on June 6, almost two months before
the investigation. The police in Kranj  searched his house after they
were informed by german security authorities that the server contains
child pornography. They did find a number of child pornography images,
but they were all on Martin's own computer, not on the server. 

The Kranj police said that they indicted Martin following the 187.
clause of the ZKP for providing access to pornographic material to
children under 14. Children use the Internet a lot and Martin provided
them with forbidden images. 

This is the first major act of the slovene state concerning the world
network. We'll see how the story evolves, considering that there are
thousands of similar servers on the Internet and that is where the
images were retreived from. It seems that the indictment is good at
least for putting forward a definition of Internet in Slovenia. 

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