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<nettime> announcement of Just Watch conference in Zuerich


J U S T  W A T C H
politics of representation in the electronic media

symposium - workshops - website - exhibition - video programm
September 6th - November 2nd, 1997   - Shedhalle Zuerich

JUST WATCH brings together (mainly women) media producers, activists and
theorists to discuss positions and strategies in the communication of
gender and ethnicity in the electronic media (tv, video and internet). The
symposium addresses the representations and attributions of women from the
Global South in their local media context as well as in Western television
productions. In visual presentations, the speakers put forth their
strategies in cultural and political articulation and self-representation.
JUST WATCH focuses on the construction and mobilisation of social divisions
based on gender and race and the way they are made meaningful by the media,
in an attempt to understand the effect of globalising politics of mass
communication, particularly on minorities, migrants and marginalized women.
Thus, we are less interested in the producers of discriminating media
representations or on the poeple represented by them. Instead we are
concerned through what practices of speech and action, through what
processes of naturalisation and exlusion, the discourse is actually
produced.   ...soon

Symposium: 6. und 7. September 1997 10:30 - 18.00

*  Annabelle Sreberny Mohammadi, Center for Mass Communications Research,
Leicester University UK: Engendering Global Civil Society: Women and the
Politics of International Communication.
*  Gargi Sen, Magic Lantern Foundation, Action group of media women, Dehli:
Representation of women in the Indian media and the effect of globalizing
media politics.
*  Gita Sahgal, Media producer for Bandung File and South Hall Black
Sisters, London: Black Activism in the Media
*  Simin Farkhondeh, Media activist and video artist for paper tiger
television, New York: The representation of Iran in the Western Media,
Video as an instrument for cultural activism
*  Gerard Reteig & Felix de Rooy, Migranten Television Amsterdam (MTV):
Media production studio and regional tv broadcast by and for minorities in
*  Meral =D6sbek, Media Studies and video activist, Istanbul: Oral histories
and the interrelations between the personal-theoretical-political-visual
*  Madjig=E8ne Ciss=E9, sans-papiers, Paris: The use of public action and the
media in the struggle against illegalization and expulsion of Africans: a
feminist perspective
*  Vid=E9 Azimut: Global network of media women from Africa, Asia and South
Africa to enforce democracy in communication
*  Irina Mardar und Tatyana Borodina, Rostov am Don: Building a feminist
television programm in the Southern caucasus

Videos: September 6th and 11th at 20:00

Marival, Felix de Rooy von Migranten TV Amsterdam; Where Healing is a
Tradition, Magic Lantern Foundation, Dehli; YXZ, Youth Programm von
Womedia, Manila; Les sans-papi=E8res et pas peu fi=E8res, la t=E9l=E9 de la =
Paris; Wired for Action, paper tiger television; 37 stories about leaving
home, Shelly Silver, Tokyo; tactical tv, apt tv London, Pornography in the
local space, TV-Gruppe Rostov, Habitat II, Istanbul: Yellow Nylon Rope and
Le Regard, Yamina Bouziane, Es f=E4ngt erst noch an,
Medien-Migrantinnengruppe CH, u.a.

Media Workshop:  September 8 - 12th,  10.00 - 18.00
Monday, September 8th: Daytrip with discussions
Tuesday-Friday 9th -12th: at Shedhalle Z=FCrich

A one-week workshop addressing theoretical, practical and political aspects
of media production. The participants will examine media clips in terms of
their representation of gender and ethnicity and discuss various approaches
in representing and constructing identity in the electronic media (video,
television). In the course of the week, the participants will also produce
short hi-8 videos. The workshop targets migrant and minority women in
Europe who want to focus on identity politics in western media and
formulate positions in self-representation.
Directed by Simin Farkhondeh, Iranian-German media critic and activist,
living and teaching in New York.
Held in German and English.

Conditions and Subscription:

Symposium for 2 days: SFr. 50.--
Workshop 5 days: SFr. 300.--
Written subscription: name, address, email/fax/tel + motivation to:

Shedhalle Z=FCrich
Seestrasse 395 - Rote Fabrik
CH - 8038 Z=FCrich
fax 0041-1 481 59 51/ telephone 0041-1 481 59 50

Moderate pension and hotel in Zurich:
Haus zur Stauffacherin (for women) SFr. 90.--/night
Kanzleistrasse 19, 8004 Z=FCrich, tel +411-241 69 79, fax +411 241 67 29
Hotel Neufeld SFr. 110.--/night
=46riesenbergstrasse 15, 8003 Z=FCrich, tel. +411-463 74 00

Seestrasse 395
CH-8038 Zuerich
tel. 0041-1 481 59 50
fax 0041-1 481 59 51
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