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<nettime> ! Discourse and Decision Making in the Information Age



Electronic Democracy:
Discourse and Decision Making in the Information Age

University of Teesside
Wednesday 17th  & Thursday 18th September 1997

This multi-disciplinary conference brings together academics and
practitioners from a variety of fields to discuss and debate the potential
impacts of new Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) on the
democratic process.

Conference focus

. ICTs and alternative models of democracy
. Issues of inclusion/exclusion
. Global democratisation
. Access to government information and services
. Electronically assisted deliberation
. Electronic elections, referenda and opinion polls
. ICTs and political extremism
. Case studies in electronic democracy

Conference programme (provisional)

Wednesday 17th September

10.00 - 11.00                                    Registration and coffee

11.00 - 12.30                                    Chair: Barry Hague

Richard Barbrook                          Electronic Agora or Electronic
University of Westminster                 Marketplace?

Dr. Michael Macpherson                    Steps and Bytes to Renew Democracy
Integral Studies, Berlin

 2.00 - 3-30                                       Chair: Dave Eagle

Trevor Locke                               Participation, Inclusion and
Leicestershire Telenet                     Exclusion, and  Netactivism:

How the Internet Invents New
                                           Forms of Democratic Activity

Prof. Klaus Lenk                            Electronic Support of Citizen
Participation in University of Oldenburg    Planning

4.00 - 5-30                                       Chair:

Steven L. Clift                             Democracies On-line: Building
Minnesota E-Democracy                       Civic Life on the New Frontier

Brian Loader
CIRA, University of Teesside

Thursday 18th September

9.00 - 10.30                              Chair: Barry Hague

Jim O'Brien                               From HCTV  to MCTV
Haagse Hogeschool

Paul Nixon
University of Teesside
        &                                 Transparency Through
Hans Johansson                             Technology: Power to the People?
Mid Sweden University

11.00 - 12.30                             Chair:  Brian Loader

Dr. Stephen Coleman                       The Internet, the Politicians and

the Public: LSE Cutting Out the

Irving  Rappaport                         UK Citizens Online Democracy: A

Case Study UK Citizens Online Democracy
                                          in Electronic Democracy

2.00 - 3.30                               Chair:  Paul Nixon

Marek Rejman Greene                       Privacy and  Telecommunications
Services BT Laboratories

Mike Whine                                ICTs and Political Extremism
Board of Deputies of British Jews

4.00 - 5.30                                Chair:  Barry Hague

Andy McDonald
Craigmillar Community
Information Service

Anna Malina
Queen Margaret College,

Perspectives of Democratisation, Alienation & and the Virtual
Public Sphere: Opportunites and Risks Underpinning
Community use of ICTs

Richard Moore                                     Democracy and Cyberspace
Cyber-Rights Campaigner

(further papers to add)

 Electronic Democracy
University of Teesside, September 17th & 18th, 1997


Conference Fee (Includes light refreshments and all conference documentation)

Both Days (17th & 18th Sept.) including Bed and Breakfast
stlg150          Both Days without Bed and Breakfast

[stlg = British Pounds.]

  stlg126.50                                                     One Day

  stlg70             Please indicate which day                17th  18th

Unwaged / Students (12 places only)
Both Days including Bed and Breakfast  stlg63.50
Both Days Without Bed and Breakfast   stlg40

One Day Only                                          stlg20
Please indicate which day                             17th  18th

Cheques, to be made payable to University of Teesside Enterprises Ltd, should
be sent to Jo Brudenell, C.I.R.A., The University of Teesside, Borough Road,
Middlesbrough, TS1 3BA.

Telephone:      (01642) 342710  E-Mail: CIRA@tees.ac.uk

Bookings should be made by Friday, 28th August, 1997.  After that, a late
booking fee of stlg 20 will apply.  Cancellations must be received by 9th
September, 1997.  We regret that no refunds will be available for
cancellations made after this date.

Electronic Democracy
University of Teesside, September 17th & 18th, 1997

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