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Re: <nettime> net.<foo>

On Thu, 7 Aug 1997, t byfield wrote:

> ... Erich's suggestion, IIRC, that dots connote hierarchy was 
> correct, I think--but more than that, they suggest a *path*...

The 'forward slash' usually indicates a path/

And then there is the 'reverse solidus' after which my web-site is named.

I currently reside between the pictorial dots in Wired.

The lumpen ranks of alienated citizens are swelling.

The social imperative is to think anew rather than retreat inward. 

Like it or not, this will require people to reimagine themselves as social
beings on a larger stage, not helpless cogs in an awesome market system,
and to glimpse the all-encompassing possibilities that the global
revolution has put before them. The challenge is not to abandon old
identities and deeply held values, but to enlarge them. If capitalism is
now truly global, what are the global social obligations that accompany


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