Matthew Smith on Mon, 18 Aug 1997 08:49:19 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> pgmedia hype


it strikes me as somewhat strange that the only ppl reacting 2 the 
massive pgmedia hype seem 2 be ted & gordon... 

Paul Garrins hardcore promotion seems 2 appeal to many nettimers due 2 
its vague promises of "art/culture/alternative support" -  as soon as makes some serious money.

here is where the first question arises:

what makes Paul Garrin elaborations on a alternative & 
not-only-for-profit network credible for even the much appraised,
well balanced Geert Lovink? (not even he really hooked onto the issue in his 
relatively recent interview with Mr.Garrin)

as far as im concerned, pgmedia & r a fully commercial outfit 
with as much as "an attitude"...

which leads 2 what was pointed out earlier - investors will not 
touch a firm that invests its profit in non-profit ventures.
and apparently it isnt going so well with all these commercial clients who r 
supposed 2 feed the cultural activities which will then prosper in a 
healthy, free & competitive network - otherwise Mr.Garrin would not be so 
desperate and try to hustle the nettimers & other "alternative" netizens 2 
send him some money.
on the other hand, i have no problem with taking off & roughing up 
the Big Boys in the game...maybe when the next payment 4 our domains 
( & comes in, will recieve our ca$h -
if its still around;-)


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