teo spiller on Mon, 18 Aug 1997 09:27:20 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> Why should I support MediaFilter ?

<13. avgust 1997 22:56
<The Deadline for responses to the
<Public Notice of Inquiry and Request for Comments
<on the Future of the Domain Name System by the
<US Department of Commerce is fast approaching...
<the last day for responses is August 18, 1997.
<Please support NAME.SPACE by either submitting
<your endorsement of their Petition, or by writing your
<own comments via the blank form provided.
<There is also a link to the USDoC website
<where their official request is posted.
<thank you for your support.
<Paul Garrin

<21. julij 1997 15:09
<PG: Well, this is always a question of scale, scale is a question of
<money, if it turns up that we end up making money in the billions,
<sure we can lay fibre, and buy up satellite links. I wouldn't say
<that this is in our 2 year plan, but I wouldn't rule it out either.
<In fact I am known for my capacity for reinvesting resources
<and therefore if we do make that amount of money I am not that kind
<of person that buys fancy clothes and a Porsche and moves to a house
<in the country, I would put that into infrastructure.

Dear Mr. Garrin !!!

You asked me (If you send a mail to nettime, you are sending it to me
personal too) to support "your thing".

If you wear fancy clothes or jeans, drive porsche or ferrari, why should I
or anybody else for free support growth of your company?

Just because you are fighting for the "right thing" and promise SOME kind
of support to SOME artists?

There have been done to much evil in human history, fighting for any kind
of the "right things". Guys, driving porsches and carrying for they own
asses usually does less mess than any kind of idealistic fighters.

And some last messages we got via nettime are saying enough about you and
your way of fighting...

"the differences between ideologies are not in goals, they declare, but
 in the way, they are trying to reach them"

Best regards to all nettimers!


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