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<nettime> Re: Susan Sontag in N.Y.Times: 'A Just War'

>     [The Roving Reporter notes: "I usually reformat these
>      but in this case: "I found that essence rare..."]
>          Why Are We In Kosovo?
>                                                                   Restaurants
>          It's complicated, but not that                           Movies
>          complicated. There is such a thing as                    Music
>          a just war. By SUSAN SONTAG                              Theater &
>                                                                   Dance
>                                                                   Bars &
>          [Image] h[Image]                                         Nightlife
>                  Not all violence is equally                     Art &
>                  Museums
>          day a    reprehensible, not all wars                     Books &
>          friend   equally unjust: American                        Sports
>          from     bombers headed for Yugoslavia                   Getaways
>          home,    taking off from a NATO base in
>          New      Italy.                                          SHOPPING
>          York,    Photograph by                                   Sales
>          called   Alberto Pizzoli/Sygma                           Events
>          me in    --------                                        Coupons
>          Bari --                                                  Yellow
>          where I am living for a couple of
>          months -- to ask whether I am all                        CLASSIFIEDS
>          right and inquired in passing whether                    Real Estate
>          I can hear sounds of the bombing. I                      Autos
>          reassured her that not only could I                      Jobs
>          not hear the bombs dropping on
>          Belgrade and Novi Sad and Pristina                       COMMUNITY
>          from downtown Bari, but even the                         About
>          planes taking off from the nearby NATO                   Community
>          base of Gioia del Colle are quite                        Join a
>          inaudible. Though it is easy to mock                     Create a

If you stay in downtown, watching television and sipping various alchool
tastes in chic bar, as Mrs. Sontag is claimed to do, it's hard to have a
non-mediatic picture of the war near you.

Just take a walk to the port and talk with the 'morituri' of the UCK,
leaving daily, or the various splitted families members that has lost
everything they owned.
Cecille Landman, who writes not for the NYT, but for some more real
holland's media, was here a couple of weeks ago and saw real people who
pictured real tragedies.

We don't hear the sound of the bomb, nor the military planes taking off
from here.
But the daily crying and the anger travelling the brain's synapsis is much
more louder.

Alessandro Ludovico
Neural Online -

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