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<nettime> Internet war

> From: Frank Tiggelaar <webmaster@DOMOVINA.NET>
> Serbian RTS TV announced in its 17:00 CET Dnevnik 1 "news" program that
> Chinese hackers had, in retalliation for the NATO attack on the Chinese
> Embassy in Belgrade, brought down the websites of the US Ministry of
> Energy and Internal Affairs (not sire if translated to the proper names)
> Does anyone have more info ?
> Frank

yes, but in Chinese...

I translate the meaning of it to you.
(The accuracy of the proper noun might miss)

(CNA Daily Chinese News, Washington, May 10)
Chinese Anti-US Flame is Spreading Over Internet

Chinese hacker seriesly hacking into Clinton government's websites,
including Interior and Energy Ministries, posting the 3 Chinese vitcims'
photos who was bombed in Yugoslavia, and other protesting photos, with
comments of "US Killer!".

Chinese anti-American hackers temporily setup a website called "Kill the
US", and it's all nationalist emotions spreading all over it. They call
for initiatives spreading computer viruses, and even paralyze the US
wallstreet stock- market, some discourse said.

Last weekend NATO mis-bombing the Chinese Embassy in FRY, cause 3 deaths
and many wounded. China anti-US protest is spreading over internet. The
Beijing US Embassy's website first under attack: Chinese hacker invade and
post anti-US content.

May 9, the Clinton government's website announced attacked. And it's
Mother's day, so the engineers won't go to work. The hacked website will
be restored in at least one or two days.

The hacker partialy edited the 3 victims' photos, adding their name, the
right side is the Beijing Chinese students' protest's photo. The Energy
Ministry's website was put banner of "NAZI ACTION!", the protest's slogan.

Till May 10 morning, the Clinton government and the foreign affair
relative department, including white house, Nat'l Security Agency,
Congress, US General News Bureau, Trade Representative Bureau, CIA,and
FBI's website, were not yet hacked.

Rumor had it that Chinese hackers once invaded white house's website, but
for the automatic sel-recovery design of the White House's web, so it
cannot be proof that it was hacked.

Chinese BBS is drawn in all kinds of Anti-US discourse, mostly condemned
the US and NATO's violent action, blood to blood, and to put Clinton in
the trial of war criminal. It's also the channel of rumor exchange,
including the fake second attacking of the Embassy done by US.

The US government makes no reaction yet till now. The US government once
invaded by the hackers before, but mostly pranks or jokes, and made no
serious destrucitons.

When reality fails us, we move to the virtual world. 
 But pain is real and it stays with us.

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