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MI6 Drops their pants??? - THIS IS UNREAL 
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MI6 Drops their pants??? - THIS IS UNREAL
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Date: 1999/05/11
Author: Raymond Amundson <> 

This article appeared in the May 14, 1999 issue of Executive
Intelligence Review. 

In case you have not heard, this is INCREDIBLE

The `MI6 factor' in the murder of Princess Diana
by Our Special Correspondent 

Recently, EIR was one of several news organizations that received an
unsolicited e-mail transmission, identifying senior officials of MI6, the
British foreign intelligence service, including individuals who are
accused of having been involved in the Aug. 31, 1997 deaths of Princess
Diana, Dodi Fayed, and Henri Paul. The three were killed in a car crash in
Paris, that, to this day, remains one of the great unsolved mysteries of
the 20th century.

More than 21 months after the crash, the official French investigation,
headed by Judge Herve Stephan, is still under way, and some of the most
disturbing questions about the fatal crash remain unanswered, including
the most basic question: Was it an assassination?

EIR has been well-known for our exhaustive coverage of the death of
Princess Diana, identifying otherwise unpublished leads, and pointing to
the involvement of British and other intelligence agencies, in the run-up
to the crash, and in the effort to cover up the evidence that Princess
Diana and Dodi Fayed were the targets of a murder plot.

Some of the information provided in the e-mail posting has been
independently verified by EIR. Indeed, three MI6 officials, identified as
having been intimately involved in the events leading up to the fatal
crash, and the ensuing cover-up, have been previously identified by EIR as
suspected culprits, acting on behalf of the House of Windsor, under the
personal orders of Prince Philip.

In late 1997, EIR published exclusive photographs showing that a team of
at least seven men were surveilling the Ritz Hotel on the evening of Aug.
30, 1997--during the final hours before the crash in the Place d'Alma

As this issue of EIR goes to press, a French court is in the process of
deciding whether Judge Stephan will be ordered to pursue further leads on
the crash provided by Mohamed Al Fayed, the father of Dodi Fayed, who has
made numerous public statements to the effect that he believes that the
crash was not an accident. Al Fayed is a civil party to the case, and, as
such, is entitled, under French law, to present new leads and evidence for
consideration by the chief investigator before the final report is

In the interest of furthering the investigation into the Paris crash, we
publish the text of the anonymous document below. We cannot, at this time,
independently authenticate many of the details provided. However, we pass
the document along as "raw" material. As we pursue the leads contained in
the document, we will keep our readers informed. Here is the e-mail text
(the names section contains the year and city to which the alleged agents
were posted):

The e-mail posting

Professor Pritchard of Gonville and Cauis College Cambridge is the leading
recruiter for MI6 agents. He identifies and recruits the most intellectual
geniuses for MI6.

The following three people are members of MI6, an organisation which forms
this supposed great country's intelligence service. It manipulates the
ordinary people of this country who are unaware of its illegal activities.

Sir David Spedding--Head of MI6--was ordered to organise the murder of
Diana, Princess of Wales and her friend Dodi Al Fayed.

Richard David Spearman--Chief of staff for Sir David Spedding. He was
given an assignment and moved to Paris two weeks prior to the murder of
Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed.

Nicholas John Andrew Langman--Principal assistant to Richard Spearman. He
was also involved with Spedding in the murder.

Richard Billing Dearlove--the incoming Head of MI6 in September 1999--was
in Paris two weeks before the Aug. 31, 1997 crash.

The attached list identifies the unprincipled and unscrupulous individuals
involved with MI6 worldwide. The list was produced by an honest man who
has since left MI6 because he felt that the behaviour of that organisation
was unacceptable in a civilised society. They are accountable to nobody
for their law breaking activities. They are subordinated to the elite
people of this country, for example the Royal household and the

The whole world should be aware of these individuals and their
capabilities. British citizens need to know that these people are
supported by those ruling this country. This "Al Capone" style
organisation has removed the human rights of ordinary people, not only in
this country but worldwide.


Dudley Charles Ankerson: 78 Buenos Aires, 85 Mexico, 93 Madrid; dob 1948;

Raymond Benedict Barthol Asquith: 83 Moscow, 92 Kiev; dob 1952; Viscount.

Kerry Charles Bagshaw: 82 Geneva, 88 Moscow; dob 1943; OBE.

Ian Clive Barnard: 94 Geneva; dob 1965.

Richard Martin Donne Barrett: 83 Ankara, 88 New York, 97 Amman; dob 1949.

James Lloyd Baxendale: 94 Cairo (MECAS), 97 Amman; dob 1967.

Jonathan Beales.

Peter John William Black: 74 MECAS, 77 Kuwait, 80 Amman, 87 Dhaka; dob

Jamie Blount.

Rupert Bowen: 90 Windhoek, 92 Tirana.

Andrew Jonathan Corrie Boyd: 81 Accra, 88 Mexico City, 96 Islamabad; dob

Andrew James Brear: 94 Santiago; dob 1960.

Christopher Mark Breeze: 88 Nicosia, 94 New Delhi; dob 1963.

Alastair Breeze.

Richard Philip Bridge: 86 Warsaw, 88 Moscow; dob 1959.

Stuart Armitage Brooks: 72 Rio, 75 Lisbon, 79 Moscow, 87 Stockholm, 93
Moscow; dob 1948; OBE.

Christopher Parker Burrows: 82 East Berlin, 87 Bonn, 93 Athens; dob 1958.

George Benedict Joseph P Busby: 89 Bonn, 92 Belgrade; dob 1960; OBE.

Geoff Chittenden.

Robert John Paul Church: 76 Bankok, 81 Berlin, 86 Nairobi, 89 Bangkok, 97
Nairobi; dob 1947.

Timothy Clayden: 91 Warsaw, 95 Lagos; dob 1960; Wanker.

Martin Hugh Clements: 86 Tehran, 90 Vienna; dob 1961.

John Donovan Nelson Clibborn: 66 Nicosia, 72 Bonn, 72 Brussels, 88
Washington; dob 1941; CMG.

Peter Salmon Collecot: 80 Khartoum, 82 Canberra, 93 Jakarta; dob 1950.

Andrew David Cordery: 75 Nairobi, 77 New York, 84 Lusaka, 88 Berlin, 95
Oslo; dob 1947.

Sherard Louis Cowper-Coles: 80 Cairo, 87 Washington; dob 1955; CMG, LVO.

Keith Craig: dob 1961.

John Martin Jamie Darke: 88 Cairo, 96 Dubai; dob 1953.

Michael Hayward Davenport: 89 Warsaw, 96 Moscow; dob 1961.

Peter Brian Davies: 83 Rome, 88 Peking, 96 Jakarta; dob 1954,

Richard Billing Dearlove: 68 Nairobi, 73 Prague, 80 Paris, 87 Geneva, 91
Washington; dob 1945; OBE.

John Deerlove.

Keith Derek Evetts: 75 Warsaw, 77 Maputo, 83 New York, 86 Kingston, 88
Lisbon; dob 1948; OBE.

Michael Edward Joseph Feliks: 93 Peking; dob 1964; Dr.

Robert Dominic Russell Fenn: 85 Hague, 88 Lagos, 92 New York; dob 1962.

Nicholas Bernard Frank Fishwick: 88 Lagos, 94 Istanbul; dob 1958; Dr.

Richard George Hopper Fletcher: 68 Athens, 69 Nicosia, 73 Bucharest, 85
Athens; dob 1944; CMG.

Richard Andrew Foulsham: 84 Brunei, 86 Lagos, 95 Rome; dob 1950.

Rosalind Mary Elizabeth Fowler: 90 Hong Kong; dob 1965.

Michael Roger Fox: 93 Geneva; dob 1958.

Richard Ogilby Leslie Fraser-Darling: 73 Helsinki, 84 Washington; dob

Robert Andrew Fulton: 69 Saigon, 73 Rome, 78 Berlin, 84 Oslo, 89 New York;
dob 1944.

Kevin Andrew Garvey: 81 Bangkok, 85 Hanoi, 92 Phnom Penh; dob 1960.

John Henry Cary Gerson: 69 Hong Kong, 71 Singapore, 74 Peking, 87 Hong
Kong; dob 1945.

Andrew Patrick Somerset Gibbs: 79 Rio, 84 Moscow, 87 Pretoria; dob 1951;

Sean Goodman.

Anita Goodman.

Jacqueline Goodman.

Keith Rutherford Gosling: 75 Singapore, 78 Vienna, 86 Manila, 93 Tel Aviv;
dob 1944; OBE.

Roger Patrick Hamilton: 78 Jakarta, 82 Tokyo, 84 Hong Kong, 89 Copenhagen;
dob 1948.

Roger John Hargreaves: 73 Hong Kong, 76 Sanaa, 85 Hong Kong, 96
Wellington; dob 1950.

Samuel Andrew Roland Hatfield: 95 Lagos; dob 1963.

Steven John Hill: 88 Vienna, 96 New York; dob 1962.

Katherine Sarah-Julia Horner: 85 Moscow, 97 Moscow; dob 1952.

Thomas Rober Benedict Hurd: 95 Warsaw; dob 1964.

Robert Mitchell Forest Kelly: 74 Nairobi, 80 Turkey, 81 Ankara, 95 Ottowa;
dob 1946.

Theodore Maurice Kenwrick-Pierc: 74 Brussels, 82 Nicosia, 88 Hague, 94
Athens; dob 1948.

Alex Kershaw: 97 Geneva; dob 1967.

Nicholas John Andrew Langman: 86 Montevideo, 88 New York, 94 Paris; dob

Edmund John Scott Latter: 94 Istanbul; dob 1968.

Jeremy John Legge: 87 Lusaka, 94 Vienna; dob 1961.

Gareth Geoffrey Lungley: dob 1971.

Christine Anne MacQueen: 84 Brasilia, 89 New York, 90 Paris; dob 1959.

Norman James MacSween: 72 Nairobi, 77 Tehran, 83 Bonn, 91 Stockholm, 95
Moscow; dob 1948.

Iain Arthur Gray Matthewson: 81 New York, 85 Warsaw, 93 Prague; dob 1952.

Ian Forbes McCredie: 76f Lusaka, 79 Tehran, 83 Copenhagen, 92 New York;
dob 1950; OBE.

Patrick Joseph McGuinness: 88 Sanaa, 94 Abu Dhabi, 96 Cairo; dob 1963;

Justin James McKenzie Smit: 96 Moscow; dob 1969.

William John Clovis Meath-Baker: 88 Kabul, 89 Prague, 97 Istanbul; dob

Andrew Jonathan Mitchell: 93 Bonn; dob 1967.

Anthony Leopold Colyer Monckton: 90 Geneva, 96 Zagreb; dob 1960.

Richard Peter Moore: 90 Ankara, 91 Istanbul, 95 Islamabad; dob 1963.

Mark Scott Thomas Morgan: 84 Geneva, 88 Aden, 94 Valletta; dob 1958; MBE.

Stuart Richard Morley: 89 San Jose, 90 Bridgetown, 96 Hague; dob 1959.

Clive Dare Newell: 79 Tehran, 82 Kabul, 86 Addis, 90 Bosnia, 94 Ankara;
dob 1953.

Peter James Norris: 85 Lagos, 90 Guatemala; dob 1955, Dr.

Peter David Orwin: 77 Athens, 84 Brasilia, 89 Tel Aviv, 96 Hague; dob
1944; OBE, MC.

Christopher Robert Geoffrey Pagett: 78 Havana, 79 Lusaka, 88 Maputo, 97
New York; dob 1952; OBE.

Colin Douglas Partridge: 80 Delhi, 87 Hanoi, 94 Hong Kong; dob 1955.

Martin Eric Penton-Voak: 95 Moscow; dob 1965.

Geoffrey Colin Perry: 81 Hong Kong, 92 Geneva; dob 1951.

Alan Petty.

Richard William Potter: 85 Riyadh, 88 Nicosia; dob 1960.

Mark Precious: Buenos Aires 86; dob 1960.

John Andrew Raine: 88 Kuwait, 94 Damascus, 97 Riyadh; dob 1962.

Michael Charles Ramscar: 77 Lagos, 79 Brasilia, 86 Madrid, 89 San Jose, 97
Madrid; dob 1948.

Timothy Simeon Rawlinson: 91 Lagos, 96 Stockholm; dob 1962.

Richard Robert Reeve: 73 Singapore, 77 Hong Kong, 83 Hong Kong; dob 1948.

Michael John Regan: 86 Kabul, 89 Dubai, 95 Bangkok; dob 1955.

Peter Marius Julian Prows Reilly: 96 Khartoum; dob 1971.

John Ridd.

Janet Elizabeth Rogan: 91 Peking, 98 Sarajevo; dob 1962.

John McLeod Scarlett: 73 Nairobi, 76 Moscow, 84 Paris, 91 Moscow; dob
1948; OBE.

Deborah Jane Soothill: 96 Peking; dob 1969.

Richard David Spearman: 92 Istanbul, 97 Paris; dob 1960.

David Spedding.

Guy David St. John Kelso Spindler: 87 Moscow, 97 Pretoria; dob 1962.

Andrew Jeremy Stafford: 77 Stockholm, 79 Accra, 84 Prague, 91 Brussels;
dob 1953.

Christopher David Steele: 90 Moscow; dob 1964.

Geoffrey Tantum.

Anthony Jonathan Terry: 70 Nairobi, 73 Havana, 79 Belgrade, 86 Santiago,
97 Geneva; dob 1946.

Richard Paul Reynier Thompson: 91 Stockholm, 96 Geneva; dob 1960.

Michael Thomson.

Daniel Vernon Thornton: 95 Brussels; dob 1969.

Stuart Graham Turvill: 95 Islamabad; dob 1971.

John Venning.

Richard Vlaistow: 95 Havana.

James Spencer Kennedy Watson: 91 Kuwait, 97 Damascus; dob 1964.

Andrew Whiteside: 95 Budapest; dob 1968.

Mark Williams: 95 Tehran.

Kenneth Mark Williams: 76 Kuala Lumpur, 79 Bridgetown, 88 Harare, 94
Delhi; dob 1944.

Simon Jules Wilson: 91 Athens, 93 Zagreb; dob 1966; OBE.

Julian Paul Geoffrey Wiseman: 78 Geneva, 84 Dhaka, 90 Islamabad; dob 1944.

David John Woods: 78 Vienna, 81 Bucharest, 92 Harare, 97 Pretoria; dob

Ian Alexander Woods: 77 New York, 84 Berlin, 86 Bonn, 95 Warsaw; dob 1951.

Alexander William Younger: 95 Vienna; dob 1963.

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