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<nettime> Five29Ninety9

Five29Ninety9 - a one-day symposium and exhibition

Five29Ninety9, to be held May 29th, 1999 at St. Ann's Church, 157 Montague St.,
Brooklyn Heights, brings international artists, writers, and other cultural
producers together for a one-day symposium composed of 24 lectures, a
self-curated exhibition, and a SoundLab event. 

Rather than imposing a prescribed theme, Five29Ninety9 will create a surface, a
quorum with no predetermined conclusion. Participants will reflect the present
moment through discussions of their work and related concerns, opening a
dialogue and creating a network among people interested in
contemporary/political/intellectual issues in the context of cultural
production. Five29Ninety9 is organized by a group of New York-based artists and
curators, which include: Matthew Buckingham, Rike Frank, Andrea Geyer, Sharon
Hayes, Kristin Lucas, Joe McKay, and Andrea Ray. 

Beginning at 10am and concluding at 11pm, the symposium will be a marathon of
sorts, consisting of 24 thirty-minute lectures. The short-lecture format allows
a maximum number of participants to present a great quantity of ideas. Rather
than a one-way communication between speaker and audience, the event's
environment allows for discussions initiated at the podium to continue
informally throughout the day. 

The speakers encompass a wide range of interests exceeding traditional borders
between different disciplines. Each speaker will discuss a project or idea that
is of immediate special interest to them: their own or another's artwork, a
political condition, a phenomena.... The symposium alters the form of the
traditional artist's talk, replacing it with an opportunity to speak from one's
position without necessarily becoming the subject of discussion.   Speakers
include Beth Coleman, Martin Conrads, Ania Corcilius, Dyke Action Machine
(DAM!), Yolande Daniels, Katja Eydel, Ciara Finnegan, Leah Gilliam, Howard
Goldkrand, Brian Hand, Christan Haye, Lana Lin, May Day Productions,Tim
Maul/Fred Szynanski, Sally McKay, Donna Minkowitz, Nils Norman, Walid Raad,
Anna Rainer, Orla Ryan, Manuel Schilcher, Reginald Cortez Woolery, and Florian

The exhibition, occurring simultaneously with the symposium, will be active and
open for use from 9AM to 11PM offering all participants–the speakers as well as
the audience–space and a VCR/monitor to show artwork, documentation and other
projects. The exhibition will continually change, reflecting the audience as it
comes and goes–an exhibition self-curated through public presence. 

At 11pm, as a conclusion to Five29Ninety9, SoundLab will create a social
environment for all participants–a cross-platform multi-media event, an example
of what they call 3experiments for the electrotechtural now.2 Cultural Alchemy,
the producers of the SoundLab event, have also produced such happenings as
Abstrakt Future Lounge, Bandwidth, and Temporal Dissonance, a reading project.
Howard Goldkrand and Beth Coleman are the co-directors of Cultural Alchemy,
with additional members, including Akin Atoms, Enrique Candioti, Paul D.
Miller, and Craig Willingham. 

The entire Five29Ninety9 event will appear on the internet in a live webcast
originating at the site of the symposium. 

For further information contact (phone & fax) 212.674.5408

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